Succeed in Dating by Learning to Love Yourself First

You have been going out on dates and are not getting any repeats. What should you do to get a second date?

Most of us go out on a first date with romance in mind, so a hot first date is always welcome. But what if you want many encores and a happy life with this new person? In short what should you do to get a second date?

There are two possibilities when you are not getting many second dates. The first is that you do all the talking and your new friend thinks you are not interested in them. The first and best advice in this case is to listen to what your friends says and do not dominate the discussion.

The second possibility is that you think so poorly of yourself that you make a poor impression. Here is where you can succeed in dating by learning to love yourself first of all. You can make yourself desirable for dating by dressing up and looking good. But you need to be yourself on the first date as well and this comes from liking yourself.

Talk about interesting things in your current life and in your past and let your new friend do the same. Skip any details about previous relationships; this could end up being a hot first date and you do not want it to turn into a therapy session. Be truthful about yourself and expect the same from the person with whom you are going out. Pretending to be someone else never leads to dating success in the long run so be yourself on the first date. And, because the real you is a good listener, be yourself on the first date and try to find out more about that special someone who is with you for the evening.

Being yourself and learning to love yourself first not only leads to second dates it also helps you avoid the perils of abusive relationships.

How Do You Learn to Love Yourself?

We are all shaped by our experiences and our experiences come from where we work, and live and from those around us. If you come from an abusive home you will too often find yourself with abusive partner. Do the things that make you feel good and hang out with friends who treat you as an equal and make you feel good as well. If you are having trouble with this seek professional help or find a self-help group support group. We all deserve a happy life and a happy relationship. And when you get on the right track your good friends will reinforce your good feelings about yourself. And having good feelings about yourself will help you find better friends. This is a good first step to success in dating by learning to love yourself first of all.

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