Succeed at Online Dating

Online dating can help you find the love of your life. But it is also possible not to succeed at online dating. If you don’t succeed at online dating is it the fault of the system or yours? Good intentions are essential to finding a date, carrying through, and succeeding with both a hot first date and getting to know him, or her. But what if you are not getting any responses to your posted resume? What if no one seems to want to chat with you online? What if you are not getting any dates? And, what if you are not getting any repeat dates? To succeed at online dating if you have not had success so far may take a little thought and it may require that you change your whole approach.

Just What Did You Say?

Your online resume or biography should be interesting and it should be accurate. If you are not getting any bites, think of fishing and change your “bait.” You do not need to make things up but you can provide readers of your resume with an interesting view of your life as opposed to a set of dry facts. For example, “I like to take long walks” could be rewritten, “The next time I walk the beach at Maui I would like it to be hand in hand with that special someone.” Alternatively, “Like to read” can sound like you are a shut-in. Try, “I have an active imagination and am interesting to be with because I read widely to sample the ideas of the world.” And, try not to sound desperate, even if you are. Don’t make it sound like you will take anyone who comes along. Rather, “I am looking for someone with the same love of life, adventure, and romance that I have.” Sounds like someone you would want to meet?

Once the Fish Bites or the Art of Chatting

Fishermen know that just getting a nibble on the hook is not enough to land the big one. It is similar if you are going to succeed at online dating. If you have fixed you bio and now are getting responses you will want to send emails back and forth or, better, chat online. Before you chat online make a list of things to talk about. Use your bio as a reference as your bio is why he or she is chatting with you. Think of interesting examples of what you written about. And, make sure to give him or her a chance to chat. And, remember that the point of online dating is not to keep the relationship online but to move on a face to face encounter.

Date Several and Keep One

If you rewrite your resume and get dozens of responses pick the most promising ones. Then make it a point to meet online with several. And make it a point to go out on a face to face date with several. If you have a number of choices you are more likely to succeed at online dating, the end goal of which is a long term happy relationship.

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