Stay in Charge in a Dating Relationship

It is important to stay in charge in a dating relationship. This does not mean that you give your girlfriend or boyfriend orders. It means that you stay in charge of what you are doing and just where and how fast you want the relationship to go. To stay in charge of a dating relationship is to know when it time to leave and to do so for your own good. It is to find that very special someone and do what is necessary to bring your relationship closer. To stay in charge of a relationship is to do the things that are fun and exciting; the things that will help the two of you get to know each other. The point is to think about what you want in a relationship and work to get those things and not to acquiesce to a pushy or even abusive partner. Here are a few tips.

Be Open But Be Aware

You may meet the man or woman of your dreams in a chance encounter at work, on the bus, or at a social function. Be open to new people and new experiences. Sharing a little about yourself helps get the conversation going. Asking general questions about the other person can get them talking as well. But, be aware of just where the conversation is going. If you are looking for a new boyfriend or girlfriend you may choose to be more open. If all that you want is a little conversation, steer the conversation away from personal issues. If you really are interested in the man or woman it is still smart to stay in control. Let’s say that you are looking for a long term relationship and not a one night stand. Let the person give you his or her phone number of email but don’t give out yours, just yet. And, it is perfectly OK to give the man or woman your phone number and leave alone at the end of the evening.

Where You Go And What You Do

To stay in charge in a dating relationship only go to places where you feel comfortable and only get involved in activities that you want to engage in. If you are looking for a romantic evening with a pleasing sexual encounter at the end, think of a quiet and candlelit restaurant close to your place or that of your new friend. If you simply want to chat and get to know the other person, pick a coffee shop on a weekend at mid-day. And, it is OK to keep the meeting shot. Make up an excuse about why you have to leave after a couple of hours. If things are going exceptionally well you can always “change plans” and spend more time together. The point is to think about what to you want beforehand and then follow through.

Insist That Things Are Honest And Make Sense

Your new friend offers to pick you up on a Saturday morning for a stroll down to your favorite coffee shop. But, he or she shows up with bags packed and suggests a weekend getaway. This may be exactly what you were looking for and if it is, go for it. But, it this is not what you had in mind do not let him or her push you in a direction in which you do not want to go. The point is to stay in charge of a dating relationship and have fun, get to know the other person, and, if all goes well, find a satisfying life together. And, remember, it is your life we are talking about, not that of a domineering partner who always wants things their way!

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