So You Want to Date a Gringo

What do you do if you want to date a gringo? You may be traveling in the USA or you might have met someone from the United States who is working or traveling in your country. Cross cultural dating can be interesting and exciting and it can be full of pitfalls. What do you expect from dating a gringo and how do you go about getting a date? Are we talking about a hot first date or meeting someone in order to develop a happy relationship? Here are some things to consider if you want to date gringo.


If you are in the USA and want to date a gringo you will need to speak at least some English. If the gringo is visiting your country he or she may well speak your language not fluently. In either case patience is important and so is a pocket sized dictionary with a list of a couple of hundred useful words. If you are looking for someone who is easy to get along with it is a good test to see how things go when the two of you are trying to communicate with just a few words. On the other hand, if a hot first date is your objective words may not be quite so important.

Cross Cultural Hot First Dates

A good first impression may be enough to get you a date with a gringo. The first thing is to believe in yourself and not start out thinking that he or she will not be interested. If you are interested in a hot first date and not just conversation you will want to dress in such a way as to get your message across. But, if you want to have more than just a one night stand you will also want to leave a little to the imagination until you are ready.

A bright smile, a suggestive glance, and revealing garments can lead the way to a hot first date. Because of the chance that the first date will be a disappointment a women may want to wear a jacket over her revealing dress. If the encounter does not promise to be a hot first the date the jacket stays in place. If things become interesting you can ask him to please help you remove your jacket with the implication that you would like him to remove what little else you are wearing as well!

Do not forget that if your wish is for a hot first date that protection is important. Bring condoms and do not expect your hot first date to take all of the precautions. For women who are on birth control condoms are still important in this world of AIDS and other serious diseases. Remember that although this may be your first hot date in a long time but it may be a routine thing for your new friend. Be careful and have a great time!

If seduction is you goal gringos are the same as everyone else. But if you want more, work on your English and communication.

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