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If you’re stuck in a singles rut and looking for answers to break out of your singles deadlock, the Internet and online dating sites provides an array of options to meet people in your hometown and across the globe.

The revolution of online dating gives single men and women the opportunity to explore options they may have never considered. The Internet dating industry is a vast and diverse means to find singles who share the same common values and goals as you.

One of the main benefits of using the Internet to find love is that you are provided with a huge sea of singles looking to find a companion. And there’s no second-guessing as to whether they are single or not. Dating online cuts through all the preliminary small talk that’s usually needed to determine someone’s single status.

According to the latest statistics released through a leading Australian lifestyle magazine, more than 20% of couples met their match through online dating. The various dating sites on offer are competing for your business in what’s described as a cutthroat industry.

Free dating sites are common place in today’s cyber world, and it will come as no surprise as to why this industry is booming given that this dating option is a very inexpensive alternative when compared to traditional dating avenues.

Whether you’re straight, gay or looking for singles within a certain religious or racial group, there is a multitude of online dating sites catering to your every need, want and desire. The privacy offered with online dating is also a very attractive selling point. Relationships and dating is a very individual and personal part of life and the Internet provides the anonymity required to explore your relationship goals without prying eyes judging your every move.

Online personals have come out of the dark ages in recent times. No longer is this regarded as a desperate and last resort to find a partner. Online dating has the potential to be safe and convenient, and whether you’re the shy type, an extrovert or simply too busy to find love offline, give online dating ago, it works!

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What is the step in-between dating and engagement in a relationship?

my partner and are on our fourth year of being together
it gets on my nerves because people ask “are you two dating?”
i dont know how to respond because we are together almost 24/7
so i just say “i guess u could say that. we go everywhere together.”

so what is the official word for being past the stage of dating, and planning on being engaged?

4 years? If you don’t buy that girl a ring soon the official word for you will be “single”.

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