Single Parent Dating

You have a child or two and are not married. Maybe you are divorced or widowed or maybe you never married. Although you love your children you miss the special companionship and romance of a boyfriend or girlfriend. How easy is it to find that special someone when you have children? How will your children react to that new special person in your life? Will you be able to find room in your life for someone besides your children? Are your children going to like or hate him or her? With these thoughts in mind here are a few or our own about single parent dating.

You Deserve To Go Out With Someone

Taking care of children, especially while holding down a job or two, can be all consuming. Many avoid single parent dating because they simply do not have the energy to come home from work, take care of their children, and get dressed up to go out on a date. Well, you deserve to have a little fun in life. Find a baby sitter. Schedule some time. Go out on a date even if it is just for a cup of coffee and a chat with someone new. Although single parent dating can be difficult it can also change your life.

Finding Time To Date When You Have Children

So, where does the time come from? If you are really pressed for time think about activities that you already engage in such as attending sporting events, concerts, or other activities that your children are in. There is nothing wrong with inviting that special someone to meet at the soccer field, especially if they are a single parent too. In fact you may have more success in single parent dating if you go out with another single parent. You will have more in common than with someone who does not have children.

Finding Someone Who Wants Someone With Children

Single parent dating can just be a thing that you do to get out of the house and out of a boring routine. It can be about occasional romance. It can also be about finding someone to share your life with and help strengthen your family. That means that you are looking for someone who wants someone with children. In this case it is often best to simply ask the question. Someone who simply wants to go out on a date with you may not want children but that does not mean that the two of you cannot have fun together. If your attachment to that person becomes strong, however, you need to address the issue of living a single rational life and not splitting you life between your children and your friend and lover.

Finding Room In Your Life For Someone Beside Your Children

It may be that all you need in your life at this time is your children. That is OK. Single parent dating can simply be an occasional means of exercising your romantic interests or simply getting out of the house. If that is all that you want, enjoy your life and your children and don’t feel bad about not going out much.

Will Your Children Accept Him or Her?

And, you are successful in single parent dating and bring home a very special person to meet your children. Will they like him or her? Will they hate him or her? Talk to the children when you first start dating. Make sure that they understand that adding an adult to your life does not mean abandoning them. When you do make the introduction, go slowly. In all likelihood your special someone and your children will like each other. Just give them time and give yourself time to get used to another person in your life.

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