Single Parent Dating Tips

If you find yourself single and with kids you may wish to start dating again. You may be dating after a divorce or after the death of your spouse. Sometimes we leave abusive relationships and sometimes what we had was so beautiful we think we will never find that kind of love again. No matter where you are staring from, here are a few single parent dating tips to get you started.

The Efficiency Of Online Dating

If you are a single mom or dad your life is pretty busy with work and taking care of the kids. You may really want to meet someone but it can become disheartening to continually meet new people and fail to find a connection. Here is where the efficiency of online dating comes in. Use online dating to narrow your field of choices and to widen your availability. It is more efficient to spend an evening sorting through answers to your dating resume than to spend a dozen unsuccessful Saturday nights trying to find someone new. Think of online dating as a series of cheap first dates with time savings.

Be Honest About Having Kids

Many single parents believe that no one will want to date them if they have children. That turns out not to be the case. Both men and women who have children get more responses to their dating resumes than people who do not have kids. If anyone does not want to go out with you because you have kids you will save a lot of pain and suffering when they exclude themselves up front.

Talking About The Kids

Remember when you go out with that new person that the date is about the two of your first and foremost. You can say that you have two great kids, a boy and a girl and then leave it at that. Little by little you will want to say more about your family but not all on the first date.

Letting the Kids Know What You Are Up To

If you want to find an adult to share your life do not keep it from the kids. On the other hand the children do not need to know every adult detail of your dates. You may be seeking a friend to talk to or your may have found the ideal person to provide a bit of sexual release. The kids do not need to know all of the details. A good single parent dating tip is to set a night out for yourself complete with baby sitter and the right to stay out late. Then, whether you are with that special someone or just watching a double feature at the multiplex, you have your time and space.

What If It Works Out Well

You have been dating him or her for six months and things look very promising. When do you formally introduce your new friend to the children and how do you do it? Until your relationship takes on some meaning do not go much beyond this is my friend. When it comes time for the kids to get to know your friend, plan something casual so that the kids can be as involved as they want and have an escape route if they feel trapped. And let your kids talk, ask questions and explain their concerns. The most important of single parent dating tips is that how well your friend gets along with the kids may be critical to moving to a long term happy relationship.

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