Should You Correct Dating Mistakes Or Just Move On?

You met someone interesting and went out on a date or two. Then, after you spent the evening at a candlelight dinner complaining about your “ex” your friend went home early and has not called since. Talking about your “ex” is a major dating mistake. The question is should you correct dating mistakes or just move on? How promising was the relationship. Do you really want to try again with person? Did you do too much damage to expect that you can fix things? These are things to consider before trying to fix what may seem to be mistake that was fatal to your relationship. Let’s look at dating mistakes and if or how they affect relationships.

First Dates

A hot first date is a nice fantasy but it is not all that common. In fact if you push too hard on the first date you may end up losing a promising relationship. Let’s say that you really liked the person but your mistake was that you came on too strong. You can apologize. Flowers are always good. And then you can suggest getting together on safe territory like a coffee shop at mid-day. Make sure to apologize again and be sure to have things to say that are not too aggressive or offensive. On the other hand if that person has already written you off it may be best to just move on. Either your perceived offense was too great or they are not the forgiving sort which makes them a good person to avoid anyway.

Going Steady And Then

In this case the two of you are dating each other and not seeing anyone else. This is what commonly occurs when you believe you have found the right person, feel comfortable together and are either having sex on a steady basis or at least considering it. You are also talking about your life together and making plans. And then you bring up, out of the blue, a game changer like advice from your mother about how your new friend should have a better job, live in a better apartment or dress better. These are things that may be appropriate to talk about between the two of you. But there are subjects that may be offensive when the solutions seem to be imposed by prospective in-laws, your friends or even perfect strangers. If this was the dating mistake you obviously have invested a lot in the relationship and probably want to attempt a recovery. Here is where good communication leads to lasting relationships. You need to bring up the subject. Explain what you were thinking and then listen to what your friend says. If the dating mistake was huge you may need to be patient and let things settle down.

Not Fixable Or Don’t Want To

Pushing too hard for sex on the first date can be a mistake but eventually you want romance in your relationship. And there are times when you realize that your new friend is lazy, dresses like a slob and lives in a dump. There is nothing wrong with bringing up the need for changes. If this triggers a problem then it may not be a mistake. It may simply be your cue to move on.

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