Sexy Vacation Relationships

If you would like to add a little spice to your life, consider sexy vacation relationships. Meeting an exotic Latina when you visit Puerto Vallarta, San Jose, or Ciudad Panama does not have end with a hot first date. Taking a vacation with a special friend can turn a lukewarm relationship into something special. Years ago there were two movies about sexy vacation relationships, Same Time Next Year with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn and Avanti with Jack Lemon and Juliet Mills. In each case people who lived otherwise happy, and married, lives met yearly in an exotic vacation destination for a long term, discrete and limited affair. With these thoughts in here is a little about sexy vacation relationships.

Casual Relationships Can Become Permanent

This is a true story. A woman born and raised in the Colombian coffee district, the Cafetero, lost her husband. He refused to pay extortion money to FARC rebels and was executed. With no means of support for herself, her mother, and her two children, the widow accepted money from a cousin for passage to Panama where she sought another husband. Her method was, in fact, to hang out at the casinos, improve her English, and try to land a rich gringo. She ended up as a “hostess” in a “club” where she met many men. Finally a vacationing American retiree visited the club. He returned several times and finally asked the woman for a “real date.” They now live in a villa back in the Colombian Cafetero where they are both very happy. His sexy vacation relationships turned into another life, and a happy one with a woman with guts, looks, and determination.

Sometimes There Is Someone Special

People who travel for business meet a lot of others, including those of the opposite sex. This can be very damaging to the marriage of the traveler or it can be an outlet for sexy vacation relationships. An old phrase from a book comes to mind, “Did it have a European ending or did it have and American ending?” The point the author of the book was making was that we all have things in life that are enjoyable but things that we do not necessarily tell the rest of the world about. If the traveler and his or her partner can be discrete it is altogether possible that they will enrich their own and each other’s lives without causing harm to anyone else. That was the scenario in both of the movies referenced above. For those who can keep their hidden lives hidden and separate, another relationship with someone else can be satisfying and enriching. On the other hand, it can also lead to a rupture of the persons’ primary relationships and families. There are a practical set of reasons, after all, for the biblical prohibition against sex outside of marriage.

Fantasy Aside, How About Sexy Vacation Relationships Inside Of A Marriage

Married people do not need to wait longingly for a Bridges of Madison County relationship to give meaning to their sedate life. There are lots of places to go in this world, lots of charter flights to exotic destinations, and time enough to get away from the routine of everyday life. Be extemporaneous! Jump on a flight to Puerto Vallarta, San Jose, or Ciudad Panama. Enjoy the night life. Sit by the pool for cocktails. Rediscover each other and sleep in late, again, and again. Sexy vacation relationships can be something that married couples look forward to all year long.

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