Sexual Gratification and a Satisfying Relationship

A worthwhile goal of internet dating is to end up with sexual gratification and a satisfying relationship. It is great to have a hot first date and most people would like to have a continuing sexual relationship with someone that they like. And, as a couple comes to spend more and more time together they find out if their likes and dislikes are compatible. If a couple likes the same things and enjoys doing the daily things of life together it can lead to a long lasting and satisfying relationship. Here we would like to consider the general and specific relationships of sexual gratification and a satisfying relationship.

Not Enough Sex

Wanting to engage in sex with your partner is a natural inclination.

Although sex ranks below air, water, and food as a human need, many people find sex necessary for a happy and satisfying life. Certainly sex is necessary for the preservation of humankind, but when of person in a relationship considers sex a necessity and not a pleasure it is a recipe for a dysfunctional relationship. Not getting enough sex when one has the urge sets a person on edge. Sexual deprivation often is a cause of fights in a relationship, even when neither person recognizes why they are angry. Sexual gratification and a satisfying relationship usually go together. Use condoms when appropriate. Be aware of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Use birth control measures until you are ready to bring a new life into the world. And have a good time.

Sex and Nothing Else

There is such a thing as sexual addiction. This does not necessarily have to do with an overly strong sexual drive. It often has to do with unmet emotional needs, insecurities, drug usage and a lack of other meaningful opportunities in a person’s life. Too much sex is not necessarily a matter of how many times a day you and your partner have sex. It is often a matter of what you are excluding from your life by focusing solely on sexual intimacy. Oftentimes users of drugs like cocaine find it easy to become aroused but very difficult to achieve an organism. Thus the pursuit of sex to the exclusion of all else has to do with a need to stop using the drug and let sexual physiology return to normal. When individuals or couples pursue sex as an answer to problems in their lives, sexual gratification and a satisfying relationship remain unmet goals. Finding something else to do together is often a good recipe for breaking out of an addicting situation. When the problem is more difficult there are support groups for drug and sex addiction, based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model that can help.

Just Enough Sexual Gratification and a Satisfying Relationship

As with most things in life, there are many promising middle roads to sexual gratification and a satisfying relationship. Communication is key. Talk about what you want in life and talk about what pleases you in a sexual relationship. Talk about what bothers you. And, the most important part of communication is to listen to what you partner is saying as communication is a two way street in sex, love, and relationships.

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