Sex On The First Date

You have met someone and he or she is really hot! You are going out tonight and you are wondering if sex on the first date is a possibility. Your mouth is dry and all you can think of is having sex with that special someone whom you just met. You may have had a passing thought or two about whether sex on the first date is a good idea or not. However, hormones have taken over from your brain. If he or she is equally excited you want to spend the later part of the evening, or maybe all of it making love. Assuming that you have resolved for yourself any questions about whether or not you want sex on the first date, we have a few relevant suggestions.

  • Dress To Appear Sexually Attractive: It should go without saying that you want to show off your best features if you want to progress to sex on the first date. Clothing that fits well is important. So is clothing that accents your figure. If a man works out and has broad shoulders he should wear a shirt that helps define the results of all of those hours working out. A woman with large breasts may want to wear a dress with a deep cleavage. A woman with a smaller figure may choose a blouse that gaps open for a glimpse of her uncover breast, at the critical moment.
  • Dress In Something That Is Easy To Remove: If you intent is to take off your clothes as well as his or hers at the end of the evening wear something that will make the job easy. Women may choose a one piece dress with an easily detached belt. Men should give thought to loafers instead of laced shoes and forget about a tie.
  • Don’t Go Too Fast: Men especially should give thought to what is required for a successful seduction. Even if your new girlfriend has told you very frankly that she would like to have sex on the first date she will probably want a little romance anyway. Compliments always work. If you long to see her naked body, tell her how beautiful she looks in the outfit she is wearing. Holding hands in a restaurant before going to find a private setting, kissing, putting your arm around her waist are pleasant and good lead ins to having sex. Be thoughtful. Even though the both of you are interested it is all too common that a woman may have second thoughts if she believes that her soon-to-be lover does not value her.
  • Don’t Go Too Slow: If the two of you really hit it off and are interested in the more carnal pleasures of a relationship don’t get sidetracked talking about friends, family, relationships, or his or her problems. Nothing is a greater turn off than one or the other of a hot couple starting to complain about their former lover or talk about the general unfairness of life and people in general. That is what the two of you are hoping to forget about for an hour or two.
  • Be Practical: Bring condoms. Decide where you are going to have sex. His place or hers both work. So do hotel rooms. Don’t have your evening ruined by making out in a parked car only to be disturbed at the critical moment by a policeman who wants you to get out of the car and show him your driver’s license and registration.

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