Sex lies and online dating

Some health professionals are of the opinion that people dating online are falling in love from the inside out, and are expressing their deepest passions and beliefs prior to even disclosing basic details such as their name or location.

Case studies published by Dr. Esther Gwinnell reveal how many men and women who chat online, will often share many of their personal life secrets prior to meeting offline.

One particular case study published by Dr. Gwinnell entails details of Elizabeth Copperfield, a 26 year old school teacher from New York City, who crossed paths with her now husband whilst online dating. Elizabeth posted a few messages on a blog and was promptly replied to by a man from Australia. The ensuing weeks saw the pair divulge personal information about each other that would normally be reserved for the closest of friends or family. Nearly 3 months had passed when they swapped phone numbers. Brian waited apprehensively at Sydney’s international airport for Elizabeth to clear customs, in what would be their very first face to face exchange.

We hear so many tragic stories and bad press regarding love gone wrong on internet singles sites, although Brian and Elizabeth went on to marry and are currently living at St Albans, near London. Real life case studies such as those published by Dr. Gwinnell certainly shows us that not everyone gets conned when they sign up to online dating.

Further research into the behaviors of online singles have found that 3 distinct groups of people use online dating sites.

1/ Sex: People feel protected and secure when chatting or flirting online, hence, the very reason why we are so willing to divulge just about anything, it gives us a false sense of fantasy and self assurance, and prolonged online interaction with an individual will almost certainly raise sexual tension.

2/ Relationships: Of course though, sex and online dating doesn’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. If you’re online to find a long term partner, it’s really just a matter of researching the appropriate dating site that brands itself as romance, relationships and love.

3/ Con artists: Make no mistake, if you put yourself out there in cyberspace, there is every chance you will be approached by a lonely hearts con artist who will try to gain your trust, then approach you for a cash loan or similar – research anyone you meet online – you need to know who they are – don’t trust anyone on face value.

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How do you start dating if you never dated before and you’re hearing impaired?

I’m just wondering what are some good ways to start dating? I’m a bit of a shy person, so at age 25, it’s starting to get a bit hopeless thinking maybe I’m starting to get uglier by the year. So I’m just wondering good ways to start dating again? I tried online dating services with no luck. I’m hearing impaired so I really can’t go to bars and stuff, but one to one conversations work very well to a certain extent.

Any ideas?

1. Let the person you are talking to know that you have a hearing problem. Ask them to speak clearly not more loudly. They will understand and work with you in this respect. ” I know I have a hearing problem and wear hearing aids in both ears.”
#2. I know they are expensive but get your self digital hearing aids and that will help a lot also. Some have adjustments for noisey areas such as resturants and another adjustment for road noise while riding in car. ” That is the type I have and they work quite well.”
As far as the dating I can not be of much help there. Good Luck.

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