Sex and Trust in Dating

Sex can certainly be fun in dating. Sex is exciting. Sex can lead to romance and sex can lead to lasting and stable relationships. Sex can also be a one night stand and a lot of sadness. A combination of sex and trust in dating is usually what is necessary for moving a relationship from one of sexual excitement and confusion to one sexual excitement and continuing sexual satisfaction. Sex and trust in dating lead to satisfying sex and trusting relationships, marriage, and a shared life.

The Practical

When we go out with someone for the purpose of sex we need to be able to trust that they are not carrying a sexual disease. We need to be able to trust that someone will bring the condoms. We need to be able to trust that what one of us enjoys in a sexual encounter will be enjoyable and not frightening, dangerous, or harmful for the other. We need to be able to trust that one of us is not going to play psychological games in an attempt to control or hurt the other. Dating should be fun and sex should be romantic, erotic, and thoroughly enjoyable. This is the ideal combination of sex and trust in dating. Go out and have hot first date. Have sex on the first date. And go out with someone that you can trust to make it all fun, safe, and a great experience.

Is There Something Else?

Sex is fun but sex is sometimes what we use as a cure for loneliness, sadness, fear, or other things that we are missing in life. Sex and trust in dating can get separated when one of us is using sex to dominate the other, using sex to escape the problems or life, or using sex to punish a third person. Be careful when sex and trust in dating get disconnected. If you are the person who wants an erotic, enjoyable, and safe relationship and the other person is looking for something else, look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.

What Next?

Sex is fun but is sex just recreation? Most folks want a friend, lover, soul mate, and someone with whom to have children. Sex may come first or trust may come first but eventually the relationship needs to include both. At this point it becomes a matter of wanting to not only go to bed with the other person but wanting to wake up with them, every morning, for the rest of your life. Sex remains enjoyable but is also a means of building a family. Trust broadens from making sure that he or she still loves you to believing that he or she wants to build a life together.

Adding Joy Back Into A Relationship

An all too common thing is for a married couple to become so involved in the work of their lives and their relationship that romantic, erotic, thoroughly enjoyable sex becomes a distant memory. This is sad and it eats away at the trust that couples need to preserve. Taking time to enjoy each other and taking time remind each other just how sexy they are keeps relationships alive and joyful. It is not just a matter of sex and trust in dating but sex, trust, and joy throughout life.

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