Seven Dates in Seven Days Dating Tips

With free dating sites making it simple to meet women and men online these days, it’s easy to find out what your date like’s or doesn’t like simply by talking to them online. Whether you are a serial dater with an overload of young men or lady friends or maybe you are anticipating spoiling somebody you’re super keen on check out these dating ideas that will keep your online dating diary busy all week long!

1. Play games: Grab your date and hang out at the local games arcade. A fun date doesn’t always have to start off in romantic scenery, it’s more about determining if you both click. These kinds of dates are often unforgettable and it’s a cool way to get to know each other.

2. Bowl her over: You’ve probably done this one before, but sometimes old favorites can work a real treat. Disco bowling is also an exciting way to get the date moving in the right direction. So go for it, hire a bowling lane put on those daggy bowling shoes and get set for some fun hearted competitive games with your date.

3. Gazing under the stars: How much more romantic can you get than holding hands in a pitch black planetarium gazing up at the stars. Check out if your local area has a planetarium, it’s the ideal way to cuddle up together in this amazing romantic setting.

4. Board games: This is an old faithful idea that always brings out the laughs. Order in your favourite pizza and grab those old board games. Remember how much fun old board games like Scrabble and Twister used to be?

5. Experience the animals together : Mixing together nature and fun is a neat way to bring out somebody’s personality. Check out the zoo or aquarium setting up the perfect way to spend quality time together. This environment is quiet yet packed with attractions to help the conversation flow. The zoo sets the scene to bring out anyone’s sensitive side.

6. Dating on the Beach: In this location there’s not much that’s more amorous than sitting on the beach when sundown is drawing close with your new admirer. And it’s so effortless to turn this into an easy yet very impressive scene of romance. Just grab some snacks, a blanket and some champange for a hard to beat ingredient for an amazing afternoon together.

7. Picnic at home: If your looking for a cheap no frills option that is full of potential, just stay home. Prepare some finger foods, romantic candles and soft music and a comedy flick combined with cuddling and kisses on the couch.

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