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okay so im 13, and im in 6th grade (got held back when i was younger, im actually really smart :p) umm anyways, im sick so that’s why im even on the computer. i guess u could say im a really pretty girl, but i dont care what i loook like, and if guys think im pretty, i get asked out alot, but like i think the whole dating thing in 6th grade, is just plane old stupid, ahah as u can see im really mature,but, there is this boy, we r best friends, we got split apart, and he went to a dif school, and we wont see each other til high school. see, im inlove with him, i know im way to young, but, there is nothing compared to him, he cares about me, he seee’s what’s inside of me, he isn’t like most guys,most guys in 6th grade only care if a girl is “hot”. but this guy, makes me smile. and my friends keep telling me everytime we see each other at football games, that he looks at me differently, and only pays attention to me, see, he knows that i love him, and he said he did to, but now he is dening that he likes me, he says im really pretty and that he just doesn’t want a gf.i can date when im 17, it depends how mature i am, my dad trusts me, he just doesn’t trust the guys, which he knows i will NEVER do what he is thinking, bc when i do somthing bad there is a big voice saying stop, and wont leave me alone. but he just isn’t compared to the other guys,i don’t care that much about looks, well looks come secound to me. but, i want to go out with him so bad. and i dont know what to do,people tell me all the time, that his best friend keeps teling my bff that he likes me. i just kinda wanna get over hium, but how can i? i tried, i tried to get a new guy, i did, but it turned out, all he wanted to do is makeout with me, like im like some kinda play toy, but im not ganna let a guy disrespect me. anyways my BF (best friend) said that the reason he likes me is that im beautiful on the inside and out, and, idk how, i just love life, the wind is soo beautiful, and just everything is beautiful, i love everyone,. but i dont get if he can tell one of his best friends he likes me. why can’t he tell me? i asked one of his bf’s if he liked me and he said he couldn’t tell. he just is a one of a life time chance. im just really confused, my friend tells me to follow my heart, and my other best friend, tells me she doesn’t want to see me get hurt, like my BFF malayna. and im really strong, iv watched him be with another girl, and at one point he was ganna leave her. but i just want u to give me ur advice, on what to do. thank u.

GOD bless you all, and remember to live each day happy.

danm u wrote alot ….. hmm im a guy i had feelins for a girl back in mi grade school years now im a sen in high school but all i got to say to u iz wait till high school but keep in contact with him and when high school starts in 3 years u will have more feelings for him and i understand u dont want to get hurt and trust me everybody gets hurt sooner or later ive been to it sucks … but wat i can tell u iz jus wait till high school cause u will have more feelings for him and he might to cause yall waited for a while instead of pushing it .. i have been datin mi girl for 4 years goin on 5 cause i waited till high school and so did she .. thats mi words to u is jus wait and yall will be good to go ….

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