Say I Love You In A New Way

By Catherine Ryan for Life & Beauty Weekly

I love you. These are three powerful words. When life gets busy and there is never enough time it is especially important to say, “I love you.”

But it is also very important to show your love. A picture (or action) is worth a thousand words. Here are some simple ways to send the message of your love loud and clear.

1. Respond To A Need

The best way to show your love is to help when he or she needs something. That proves that you care about his or her happiness and wellbeing.

What is basic here is to pay attention. If you partner is stressed out because of work make an effort to help out with personal or household tasks. If there is something that he or she would like that you have neglected to buy, go get it now. Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly and compassionate gesture.

2. Laugh Together

Every relationship has conflicts. A little laughter can deflect a lot of ill feeling. Send an email, send a text mail, or make a phone call when you think of something funny. If you see a funny video on You Tube, forward it to your partner’s email.

3. Surprises Help

A gift or an unexpected gesture to someone says: “You’re special.” It shows your partner that you are thinking about them. When you find something fun to do , do it, with them. Love letters never go out of style.

4. Look In His or Her Eyes

Eye contact tells your partner that you are concerned, that you care, and that you love them. We are not talking about quick glances. Look into your partner’s eyes and maintain eye contact. Women sometimes refer to a sustained look from their partner as “bedroom eyes” which not such a bad thing. Before dropping off to sleep at night look into your partner’s eyes to remind each of you just what the most important things in life really are.

5. Spend Time Together

It should be obvious that taking time to spend with your partner is worth a thousand I love you’s. It seems obvious, but spending time with your partner is worth more than thousand “I love you”. Find the time to do things together or to do nothing together. Remember that your relationship is the most important part of your life.

6. Hugs, Holding Hands, and Caressing

Physical contact is a natural way to express love. Unfortunately touch is often forgotten in our busy lives. It helps rekindle the flame of love to hold hands, put a hand on his or her should, or embrace when coming or going. When doing things as simple as watching TV sit together on the couch and curl up together.

When you have had a fight or are feeling lonely it can be hard to cross that threshold of caring again. Holding your partner’s hand or a touch on the shoulder can be reassuring and a way to say that despite whatever problems we have, I love you.

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