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A recent question is circulating in the online dating world. It has to do with what night is the official night for dates. At first glance this seems like a strange question. After all dates are dates and if you want to get to know the person and have a good time, one night might just be as good as the next. The consensus appears to be that a Saturday night date is an official date. This relegates going out on other nights to the category of meeting friends or meeting someone to see if they will later qualify for a Saturday night date. So, is a Saturday night date different than dating other on other nights? Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

Dressing Up for a Date Can Be Important and Stressful

A Saturday night date can mean dressing up and going to a nice restaurant, concert, or other event that costs money. If that is the case a Saturday night date means getting dressed up. Getting dressed up can make the occasion seem more important and meaningful to you and to the person with whom you are going out. Dressing up for a date can be important because it lends seriousness to the date. However, it can also add a lot of pressure. The gist of what people are saying on online sites is that when you have just met someone you may want to pick another night to go out to take the pressure off.

Availability Matters

Busy people may find that the only time they have to go out is on Saturday night. This makes a Saturday night the only kind that they will ever have. Long hours at work, night shifts, and the like make Saturday night the only reasonable night to go out, stay out late, and meet someone new. Availability matters when it comes to a Saturday night date.

Is Asking Someone Out on a Date on a Weekday a Putdown?

If you always ask someone to go out with you on a Thursday night will he or she eventually say that they think they are attractive enough to qualify as a Saturday night date? This can happen if you are going out with more than one person and having to consult your calendar every time you ask someone to go out with you. Here is the issue is not so much one of a Saturday night date as finally deciding who you want to spend your time with. If your interest is having as many lovers as humanly possible don’t be surprised if eventually one or more of your lovers insists on being the Saturday night date or not seeing you anymore.

First Dates without Pressure

If you have just met someone you might suggest going out after work for a drink, cup of coffee, or quick bite to eat before each of you go home. This strategy works better on a week night as it allows both of you to meet outside of work with the pressure of a dress up, fancy restaurant, Saturday night date.

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