Pro’s and Con’s of Online Dating

To date is to meet someone. According to today’s generation, dating is the same as romance. It is an absolute craze for today’s teens. But really, dating can happen between any two people. Age is not a defining factor. Of course, today’s young, techno savvy users want to do everything in style. When they think about love, they are likely to go after it in a modern way, using the internet and the telephone. That’s why online dating is a business that is growing quickly. Our fast moving adolescent population is driving it. However, there are both pros and cons to online dating. If you are giving presents, flowers, cards and funny videos to your friends, it can be funny. It is always fun to send humorous video clips over the internet.

One good thing about online dating is that it can really help a shy person to get started. With your real identity disguised, the people you contact must visualize you based on your description. So if you are a weak shy boy or a plain Jane, it doesn’t matter. You can give the description of a superhero or Miss America. You can share as much or as little about yourself as you choose. You can stop any time you like, and no one can follow you or track you down. If someone is hassling you, you can just delete them or put them in your spam folder. And, of course, bear in mind that romance is not the only kind of meeting people can find through online dating. Elderly folks can seek friends. Mature people are usually seeking a different kind of dating experience than young people. For the mature person, finding a close friend to share confidences with is important. Online, it is more possible to find a confidante without the drawbacks and anxiety inherent with in-person relationships. There is little danger of your secrets being disclosed to people you know or your online friend becoming jealous.

Of course, there are also very negative aspects. There are imposters in this virtual world who are seeking prey to take advantage of. If you give out too much information, it can be dangerous. Imposters might get you entangled in criminal cases and illegal activities, and you might not even have a clue it is happening! No matter what you are seeking, do so with caution. There’s good and bad in every situation. It is important that you know the difference. When you look into online dating sites, be very careful. Make sure you fully understand what services they are offering. Double check to be sure your personal information is protected before you disclose anything. Then you can make your decision about whether or not to participate.

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