Pregnancy due date calculator

In order to determine your due date, they generally start counting on the first day of your last menstrual period.  If you happen to know when you ovulated (e.g., if you were charting), then you could use that date instead and it would likely be more accurate.

But since it appearsyou weren’t, the LMP is the date they’ll go with.  If you don’t know that date, or if your cycles are very irregular they may send you in for a dating ultrasound after your first visit.  Otherwise, your LMP date will get you in the ballpark.

Since your due date is only good plus or minus a couple of weeks anyway, it’s not essential to be absolutely precise (babies come when they’re going to come anyway).  The only caveat is that if your doctors are going to start pushing for an induction as soon as your due date comes and goes (most first timers go past their due date – the median length of gestation for first timers is 41 weeks 1 day), then you may want an accurate date so that you know they’re not going to be pushing for induction thinking you’re post due when you really aren’t.

Early ultrasounds are very, very reliable for determining the gestational age of a fetus. They get unreliable by the middle or the second trimester because there’s more variation in growth rates between individual fetuses, but early in pregnancy and especially in the first trimester they are virtually spot on. I would believe the ultrasound date over your own date based on LMP or other calculations. It’s much more likely to be correct.

If you do a search on the web for “due date calculator” you will turn up several sites where you can enter your LMP date and they will give you your due date.  Or you can do the math yourself and count 40 weeks from your LMP date.



Due Date Calculator – Free online Pregnancy Calculator You are one click away from finding out the day your baby will be born.

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