Planning a Date

Planning a date can be as simple as combing your hair, brushing your teeth, putting on something clean and showing up. And planning a date can turn into a session of strategy and tactics to get what you want. There are three common reasons to go out on a date. One is simply to socialize, meet someone new and have a good time. Two is to have a hot first date and sexual intercourse at the end of the night.

Three is to find someone with whom to develop a happy relationship and with whom to spend your life. How you go about planning a date will depend on just what your goal is.

Getting Out of the House and Having a Good Time

Many years ago a friend of mine bought a book of tickets for an Ingmar Bergman film festival. He was a university student and thought that he would impress his girlfriend who was attending a neighboring university. The first movie in the series was The Seventh Seal in which a knight in the crusades plays chess with the devil for his soul and loses when the devil cheats. This was a bit of a downer but the couple had high hopes for the next movie it which it turns out that no one spoke. They walked out of the third movie after a few minutes. They decided that their purpose for going to a movie was to get out of the house and have a good time. They knew about the pain and suffering of life and wanted a break, not a reminder. Sometimes all we need to do is go out and have some fun and enjoy the company of a new person in our life. This pretty much means wearing clean clothes, brushing your teeth and learning to listen to what your new friend has to say.


Relationships are a cornerstone of life. Finding friends, companions and lifetime partners makes life an enjoyable adventure. We often say that communication leads to lasting relationships. When you are planning for a date with this in mind pick a place that is not too loud or distracting. Pick an event that is fun but does not totally monopolize your time and energy. Do the clean clothes and tooth brushing thing but do not overdo it. And, avoid coming on a too sexy unless that is your goal before establishing a relationship.

Finding a Sexual Partner

If your first and foremost goal in going out is to have sex then planning a date is important. You probably want a romantic setting, somewhere that you can leave without creating a fuss and enough privacy that you can work at seducing your new found friend. Clothing that fits well is important. So is clothing that accents your figure. If a man works out and has broad shoulders he should wear a shirt that helps define the results of all of those hours working out. A woman with large breasts may want to wear a dress with a deep cleavage. A woman with a smaller figure may choose a blouse that gaps open for a glimpse of her uncovered breast, at the critical moment. And dress in something that is easy to remove. Women may choose a one piece dress with an easily detached belt. Men should give thought to loafers instead of laced shoes and forget about a tie. And bring condoms. Do not arrive at the long awaited and critical moment and have to deal with fears of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease.

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