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What pickup lines are useful in getting a man or woman’s attention? What pickup lines result in your going out with the person? What pickup lines simply label you as a bore or fool? Just what are pickup lines and how can we use them in online dating as well as in a chance encounter. Does whistling at a passing girl qualify as a pickup line or is it better to think of something intelligent to say. And, are intelligent comments pickup lines or do they label you as an interesting person who is not interested in an intimate relationship? When planning to use pickup lines think of Goldilocks and the three bears and the porridge. There is too hot, too cold, and just right. Here are a few of our thoughts about pickup lines.

Too Hot or Too Intrusive

There are pickup lines that may get giggles from your friends but will not result in the hot first date that you desire. For example:

  • Nice boobs, babe
  • Love how your dress shows off your butt
  • Love the bulge in your pants, mister
  • How about leaving him (or her) and spending the night with a real woman (or man)

You may have gotten the attention of the person with your pickup lines. They may even be silently flattered by your attention. On other hand sexually aggressive pickup lines often go too far and don’t leave any middle ground in which to chat, get to know each other, and move to the next satisfying step.

Too Cold and Maybe Confusing

If you choose to avoid the wolf whistle and sexually charged route in your pickup lines be careful not to avoid romance altogether. Avoid talking incessantly about your work, sports that you like, politics (yawn), and how much you love your mother if what you want to do is convert a casual conversation into something else. These things may fit well, in small doses, as you get to know each other. Avoid lines like, I really like museums, I am really interested in politics, or don’t you just love our soccer team? He or she may or not be interested in any of these things but will not get the point that you are interested in him or her. Now is the time to get the person to realize that you are interested, and not just in friendly relationship. Things like, you have beautiful eyes, I love your smile, or that is really a pretty dress (said with the understood meaning that she looks great in her outfit) are better choices.

Just Right

The most successful pickup lines are often just sincere things that we say to people. Going out of your way to complement a person that you know or, perhaps, just barely know is a great way to spark a bit of interest without over the top flattery or a cold recitation of your list of interests. Once you have the undivided attention of the man or woman in whom you have an interest, a clear expression of your interest in him or her as a person often works just fine. Smile and say, I would love to spend more time with you. It is a better pickup line than the comment that your friends on the street corner might have liked and more likely to get you the attention and love that you want and deserve.

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