Perth Restaurants For A First Date Valentines Day Or Someone Special

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is situated between an ocean and a desert. Perth is a well planned out city, and due to its fabulous summer weather has a lot of outdoor activities. The beaches running along the coastline of Perth are superbly beautiful. Perth’s river is the Swan, and it is along this stretch of water that the fabulously wealthy have built their homes. Perth has many beautiful bike tracks, outdoor parks and an enormous selection of restaurants to choose from.

Hooking up with someone that you fancy from your online dating can be nerve wracking enough. Here is a compiled a list of fabulous restaurants for the couple embarking on their first date. This guide will provide you with some restaurants for the wealthy entrepreneurs and some less expensive eateries for the rest of us who work for those entrepreneurs.

Fabulously Expensive:

For those with some serious cash to splash around on that first date there are many great restaurants to select from. Many are positioned in glorious water front positions or are conveniently located in the Perth City centre, where there are many post dinner venues to choose from.

The Matilda Bay Restaurant in Crawley has the distinction of being one of Perth’s most expensive restaurants. This restaurant underwent recent refurbishments, and at the time of writing had a policy of a $50 minimum charge per person. This restaurant offers superb vistas of both the Swan River and the skyline of Perth city.

Zafferano’s, also in Crawley is also considered to be one of the most expensive eateries in Perth. This Italian restaurant is on the Swan River at the Old Brewery site. This restaurant is famed for its ambiance and friendly staff, which extends to parking your vehicle for you when the parking situation is grim. Are you happy to give the keys to your Porsche to the wait staff?

Atrium Garden Restaurant, Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle. This is a fantastic location in the beautifully restored Esplanade Hotel. This restaurant features a great combination of fine dining with the atmosphere of dining in an old fashioned glass house. For those who don’t mind the 20 km drive out of Perth, this is a fantastic choice. Very romantic.

Position, position, position:

The Indiana (sometimes known as the Indiana Tea House) is a glorious colonial inspired building located right on the sand at Cottesloe Beach. This restaurant resembles a cross between a converted bathing house and an Asian colonial building. This restaurant has plenty of atmosphere and is a splendid choice for lunch or sunset drinks for those wanting to optimize the stunning beach views.

Fabulously Inexpensive:

For those who are going to catch up after a chat on online dating who can’t or don’t want to spend lots of cash, we have also found some cheap and cheerful eateries. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a first date to capture someone’s interest.

The Red Tea Pot in William St Perth, is a fantastic example of the new eateries popping up that feature a new standard of genuine Asian cuisine that is wonderfully fresh. Cicerello’s Fish and Chips at the Fremantle Fishing Harbour takes the old fish and chips to a whole new level. Why not take a drive to Fremantle, have a drink and then eat some fish and chips on the wharf? Monte Fiore Cafe Restaurant in Beaufort St Mt Lawley, has a very friendly and laid back atmosphere. The menu here features inexpensive Mediterranean and Italian.

Hooking up in Perth can be painlessly easy using this helpful guide on where to eat on your first date.

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