Pandemic Dating Tips

How can you safely keeping dating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Life has taken such a turn as we stay six feet apart, wear masks, and avoid crowds. As the pandemic goes on it has become clear that even with vaccines coming available in the next few months we will be in this situation for at least another year. Although no one wants to catch a bad disease, relationships are important and we need to find ways to maintain them despite the current situation. With that in mind, here are a few pandemic dating tips.

Not All Relationships Need to Be Romantic

Being all alone because of social distancing and working from home makes life difficult. But, the answer is not necessary to find a romantic relationship but rather a relationship. Simply having someone to talk to makes life easier. And, when dating goes more slowly, you will have the time to make better choices. To start with, looking for the things that matter in a relationship and the person you are thinking about. Be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship. This is both for yourself and for the other person to know.

The pandemic has brought online dating into its own because we don’t need to risk getting a bad disease in order to meet and get to know someone. Take it slow. Get to know the person. And, strike up relationships with more than one person!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You may be taking things slow but you also do not want to waste your time on someone when things will never work out. Are they still married? Is religion a big issue? Are they really interested in you or your money?

Set Rules for Your First Face to Face Date

When you decide to meet up face to face, make sure that you both take precautions to avoid getting Covid-19. Also, make sure that you are certain about how romantic you want things to be. A cheap first date like a coffee shop date may be out of the question due to the pandemic but a walk in the park might be a good idea. You get to talk without having a lot of noise around and social distancing is easy. And, make sure that you have a strategy for leaving in case things get weird.

No matter how romantic you feel, be careful on your first face to face meeting. Half of all people who get Covid-19 never have any symptoms. Just because your new friend says they feel fine does not mean that they don’t have the infection. Carrying a spray bottle of alcohol or disinfectant is a good idea too, especially if you end up holding hands!

Trust Your Instincts

No matter how much you want your first date to work out, trust your instincts. If something seems wrong it may well be wrong. Many times the best time to avoid an abusive relationship is right from the start when he or she seems too pushy. Remember that no always means no.

And, if the two of you are interested in having sex, use some common sense and do a little planning. Bring condoms and find a safe and secure place to enjoy each other.

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