Online Dating When You Are a Single Parent

You are a single mom or dad. Perhaps you had a difficult relationship and are glad to be out of it and perhaps you lost the love of your life due to accident or illness. Either way you are ready to have another adult back in your life and a little romance would be nice too. One of the problems for single parents when getting back into the dating world is the lack of time. You are holding down a job, raising the kids, and doing all of the household chores as well. But, here is where online dating comes to the rescue. We have previously noted that online dating is like speed dating. It gives you a chance to see lots of people, all of whom meet your criteria. For the time-strapped single parent online dating is an efficient way to get started. That having been said, what are some of the things to look out for in online dating when you are a single parent?

Too Desperate

One of the problems with a failed relationship, especially an abusive relationship, is that it leaves you with a reduced sense of self-esteem. You are desperate and will settle of any relationship because simply being with someone validates your poor sense of self-worth. Getting to like yourself is the cure for falling into this trap. And one of the best ways to get to like yourself is to be dating the right person. Find the right person to spend your life with. That may take a little more time but starting with the right online dating profile and a bit of self-confidence you will be on your way.

If you follow our usual advice and just got out with someone for enjoyment, you will learn more about yourself, more about people, and more about the person, or persons that you date. There is rarely a need to get married after the first date or two so take your time. What you may have thought was really important may become less of an issue with time. Things that never occurred to you may become important. Trust your instincts to find the right person to spend your life with. If you enjoy dating and enjoy a happy relationship that is a good sign that you will have a good life over the years.

The cure of this problem is to like yourself, take your time, and eventually find someone who is a joy and a help in your life. And, in the era of dating apps be careful about getting scammed.

And there are aspects of dating apps that should be avoided altogether. For example, do not give your exact current physical location to a perfect stranger! Dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr use GPS technology to let someone else with the service to know if you are in their area, providing that you are using the same service. If you do not want to be bait for a stalker, avoid these products.

The point of using a dating app should be to make your search for a new friend more efficient and successful and not for the whole thing to end in disaster!

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