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Online dating is an effective way to meet a lot of people with the characteristics that you would like in a new friend. And online dating is a great way to get your resume in front of those very same people. How many people use online dating? How effective is online dating in finding that special someone. And, what are the best ways to use online dating for a hot first date, to develop a long term happy relationship or both?

The Stats

A recent study by PEW Research showed that in 2014 twenty percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 34 used online dating. Adults aged 35 to 44 came in a little behind at seventeen percent. Research also shows that while we may meet more people through online dating sites the opportunity to meet and have fun with more and more people has the tendency to make people put off forming permanent relationships and getting married!

Recipes For Success In Online Dating

If you are looking for someone special online, there a couple of basics to follow.

First Through The Eyes, Then Everything Else: The first thing that a man or woman will see on your online dating page is your photo. Post an attractive photo, even one that is professionally done. Skip the selfies and skip suggestive photos in various stages of undress. Women respond more to men in out of door shots and both sexes respond more to photos of the person without pets, friends, etc. Skip the head and shoulders shots and post a full body photo. These get substantially more responses than others. Every day looks are good. And, SMILE!

Get To The Point And Tell The Truth: You want to make a good impression in a few words and you want to avoid saying things that you will have to apologize for later. Say who you are in few words. It is OK to mention that you are divorced, for example as this sort of honesty gets more responses. Specifics are good. If you are an out of doors type you can say that but it is better to say that you love camping in the Rocky Mountains once every summer and snorkeling in the Bahamas every year for a winter get-a-way. Always stick to the truth about your work, recreation and interests. Don’t start chatting with someone online and lose their interest when you constantly have to take back things that you said about yourself.

First Steps

Everyone likes to text message these days. If you are not familiar with the many abbreviations used in texting don’t be afraid to ask right away. The point is to communicate and not to repeatedly make dumb responses. And it turns out that for those in the working world the best time to chat is late evening, between ten and eleven at night. Get his or her attention when there are no distractions!\

And, the point is to meet your new friend face to face. Once the two of you have exchanged a few messages and gotten sense that you want to meet, set up a simple first date. Better a than an expensive one and better a simple chance to talk and get to know each other that attempted seduction on the first date. Dress appropriately for the occasion and have a great first date!

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