Online Dating Scams

Before you get lured into the hype of online dating sites, you need to know the dark side of dating online, also known as online dating scams.

Online dating scams are something you cannot afford to get caught up in, getting scammed online can not only break your heart, but can financially ruin any person who becomes a victim.

When it comes to online dating, never has the phrase “think with your head not your heart” been more applicable. Know how to protect yourself from online dating scams!

Dating sites market themselves in various formats ranging from online personals, internet adult dating, online introduction agencies and matchmaker sites. The common denominator being that they all offer users free sign up whereby anyone can simply join up and post a profile.

Keep in mind that when new people sign up to a dating site there are no criminal checks or lengthy verification procedures required in order to post a free profile. It’s little wonder why online criminal syndicates are rife given the combination of simplicity to join any dating site they please, together with the ease to prey on vulnerable lonely hearts.

Typical behavior of online dating scammers include downloading a photo of a beautiful woman and posing to be this person in order to suck you in. Where the problem lies is that you simply cannot be certain if this person is in fact a beautiful young woman, or a con artist who downloads multiple photos of beautiful women and sets up fake dating profiles in a brazen attempt to steal your livelihood and soul.

In general there are four methods of online dating scams:

Prostitute Scams

These types of profiles are always straight to the point and are usually sexually suggestive in order to acquire money for sex. Their profile user names are often sleazy and provocative. They will not waste time attempting to set up a date to go for a coffee, but will let you know exactly what they are after.

Phone Scams

Phone sex workers will contact you and will try to lure you in by getting you to call them, many innocent victims get conned into phoning 1900 numbers only to get billed for hundreds of dollars on their next phone bill.

Travel Scams

A travel scam can occur when someone in a foreign country gains your affections and asks you to pay for their airfare so he or she can visit you. No matter what they say or do – don’t risk it, chances are, as soon as you make the deposit for their traveling expenses, you will simply never hear from them again.

Nigerian Scams

This person poses as a relation of a diseased authority from a government department seeking your assistance to hold a large sum of money in your bank account promising you a large percentage of the money.

Being aware of such online criminal elements will go a very long way to ensuring you do not get duped. Here is some further advice on making your online dating experience enjoyable and safe.

When you first read a dating profile, avoid initiating or responding to profiles with sleazy usernames and photos. And to be honest, it’s probably far more common for a man to be sexually suggestive, but genuine women dating online don’t usually do it. Avoid association with usernames like: hot_n_sweaty or cum_get_sum

Pay special attention to the content within a profile. A con artist can be easily identified by making comments that include, seeking marriage, and over the top statements about their never ending obsession to find true love.

Be very cautious of studio quality photos of beautiful women that are very general about their dating requirements. Not to say that good looking people don’t use online dating sites – they do, but genuine good looking people are often very popular online and will be quite specific in their requirements to find a suitable match.

We would also recommend using a local dating service and avoid international dating services. Scammers in a foreign country typically target people outside their own country in order to evade local authorities.

Use our tips to look out for the warning signs, and if there is a long distance/overseas component that just seems to good to be true and too easy, then don’t become that persons next fool.

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