Online Dating Romances Last Longer

One would expect online romances to end more suddenly in the absence of immediate attraction, similar social networks and demographics.  Some studies have indicated however that the opposite is the case for online dating singles – singles who meet online like one another more!

McKenna, Green and Gleason 2003 also Bargh, McKenna and Fitzgerald 2003 both offered results showing that people who have reached the level of meeting and knowing each other well via an online concept, are not “blinded” by an initial attraction factor and as a result had more things in common. 
This may be because online dating permits the single to be discriminative and to finish relationships with unsuitable dates early on.

The success of a romance through online dating or meeting in person has been proven to be reliant on four main points:

Where the online dating couples meet – distant romances are less likely to succeed. Various job types and different financial matters also bode badly.

What the online dating couples do together – similar interests can bring people together and therefore the romance is more likely to last.

The amount of conversation singles have with each other when they are in a romantic partnership: taking a long period to get to know one another online before meeting in person and postponing sexual relations promotes longevity of relationships.

How communication is effected: Couples who learn to deal well with communication even when in dispute are likely to last longer. Online chat provides a medium that allows couples to become comfortable when communicating, even if disputes occur later when having already met face to face.

Tidwell and Wallis 2003 and Johnson 2002 produced statistical results showing that singles who meet online are more likely to offer personal details and emotions than those who met in person. This possibly goes along way to explaining the longer relationships outcome, but it is likely that factors like anonomynity would certainly play a part in online dating.

Online dating singles are usually ready for a long lasting relationship. Not wanting or not able to meet new singles in a night club environment they decide to take the search seriously. The available access of online dating services mean that online dating can be slotted in between TV shows, other activities with friends or when relaxing after work.  This non rushed, relaxed setting puts the online dater in a calm frame of mind, and this relaxing state of mind in turn makes them more attractive.

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What is dating with a girl and how is it possible for me?

I listen about dating. Is it a chance for me to involve in any free relationship with any girl. How is it and what is the process of dating?

When you meet a girl you like, you ask her out on a date. If that goes well you ask her out again. You go on a few dates together to get to know each other and see if you like each other and want to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Then the two of you are an item. You still go out together but its not dating any more because you are in a relationship and sometimes you stay in together.

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