Online Dating Robbery

The advice that we provide regarding online dating commonly has to do with successful relationships, satisfying sexual encounters, and not having your heart broken along the way. However, there can be a dark side to online dating that has nothing to do with relationships, casual or permanent. The police in Valencia, California recently reported an online dating robbery. The crook involved robbed women who he met on online dating sites. This man gained the trust of women he met online. He lied about his background claiming he was a war hero, friend of movie stars, etc. His entire goal was not even sex. It was to steal money and credit card numbers and pin numbers. The guy in question has a rap sheet that includes online dating robbery and he is apparently at it again. This man’s target population is women in their early twenties to mid-thirties. The police are asking anyone with more information to come forward. With this case in mind here are a few thoughts about avoiding online dating robbery.

If It Feels Creepy It Probably Is

You met this person through an online dating site. You would like to get to know him or her and chat a little via the internet. He or she is adamant that the two of you should get together right away. Or he or she starts talking about business opportunities and invites you to invest. Or maybe he or she tells you a sad story about an illness, financial troubles, or another reason to need money. He or she asks you for money and this is someone whom you have just met! These sorts of scenarios should make you feel just a little creepy. Or, here you are on a date with an attractive man or woman. You expect a pleasant conversation and would like to get to know this person. You met them online and everything seemed fine. But, now that you meet face to face you think that they are moving too fast. He or she is asking questions that are too personal and just plain inappropriate for a first or second date. It just feels creepy. What do you do? If you are uncomfortable in this sort of situation you can just leave. If you need a ride call a friend or call a taxi. Avoid situations in which you find yourself alone with someone that makes you feel uncomfortable. And, remember that it is totally inappropriate for someone that you have just met to be asking for money, credit card numbers, etc. Don’t invite this person into your home and do leave him or her alone with your personal belongings. In short leave and leave now when things start feeling creepy.

Too Good To Be True

A friend of my husband lost his wife. The man was in his sixties and after a period of mourning he started socializing again. To his surprise a very attractive woman in her thirties arrived in his life. She was fun, pretty, sexy, and expensive. He was blown away. But, after buying her a Corvette (thank goodness it was used) and lots of new clothing he woke up. But when he and his daughter went to the police there was little to do as the things he gave her were, if fact, gifts! Although this was a form of online dating robbery it was closer to a scam and my husband’s friend ended up older, wiser, and a little poorer for the experience.

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