Online Dating Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year is approaching and it is time again to resolve to do things that we have put off or things we need to do differently. If you have been dating online and have not been happy with the results, it is time for online dating resolutions for the New Year. What you need to resolve to do will depend on your situation. Here are a few ideas.

Decide When You Are Ready to Date Again

If you just broke up with someone you may have several things to deal with before you start to date again. Resolve to take some time to think things through. Spend time with friends and family and let life return to normal before you start looking for someone else. And, when you so start out, take time to get to know them and do not jump right back into an intense romance when you still have not figured out what went wrong last time. We have written some useful articles about how insecurity, pride, anxiety, ego and other traits can ruin a relationship. Check them out.

Find the Dating Site You Need

Not all dating sites are the same. Take a little time to check out the best one for your needs. If you are a senior, a wise suggestion is to avoid free sites as scammers tend to visit them in search of victims. Also, paid sites typically have more support features to help you post a resume that is likely to gain attention.

Learn about Yourself with Online Testing

There are personality traits that attract other personality traits. And there are online tests that will help you learn what traits you should be looking for in a friend, lover, or long term relationship. Take advantage of them. This is also a good reason to use an paid online dating site as many offer such features.

Create the Best Dating Profile

Great writers always have to rewrite until they get it right. This is the case with a good dating profile as well. You will always want to be truthful but be sure to show off your best qualities short of seeming to be showing off. If you online dating site offers help in this regard take them up on it. They will not write it for you but they will help you make changes that may lead to the love of your life.

Get Your Picture Taken

Sure, you have lots of photos to choose from for your dating profile. But, a series of “selfies” really will not make the best impression. If you want to “knock them dead” with a photo, go with a professional. Get an image that includes your head and shoulders with professional lighting and contrast. It can make all the difference in the world.

Work on Your First Message

You are going to succeed with your new online dating site and excellent dating profile. So, resolve to work on that first message. Think about how flirty you want to be without seeming to aggressive. Work something that is not too long but enough to gain their attention. Make sure to check spelling and grammar and never, never copy and paste. Make sure to write about something in their profile so that you have something to chat about.

The New Year is approaching and you want to succeed at online dating. So, get going and resolve to do things better next year.

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