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How is interracial dating with Indian men in your area?

Of course what I hear all the time from my friends is that it is uncommon to see Indian people date or marry outside of their own race because of customs and because they will be disowned if they do. I also hear that most areas in the US don’t have a lot of Indian men, maybe one or two, only the bigger cities have Indian people in them. Anyways I was wondering, how is interracial dating with Indian men in your area?

Do they date outside their own race and if they do what type of women do they go with? Black? White? Hispanic? Asian?

if you mean indian from india, then rarely but its usually cultural issue, indian people don’t hang out with white kids, i mean i only know like two cool indians at my school, and they rarely ever hang out with me and my Friend’s so go figure why they don’t’ meet white girls. If you want a white girl, be nice cool and go out and meet them don’t just hang out with all the other indian kids. its not like we are mean or anything either they just never come out with us. i do know one hot indian girl that dates a white guy but that’s the only one i have seen. also seriously work on your Hygiene because i don’t mean to be mean but indian kids smell awful

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