Online Dating for Singles in Their 40s

Finding yourself single again at the age of 40 can be a scary thought. For those of you that have suddenly been thrust into the singles arena at this age, dating other people again and putting yourself out there is probably something you never thought you would have to entertain again. Having your appearance and sexuality judged again will be a great challenge.

Many 40 something’s will have been married for many years and will have raised a young family. Common advice for new singles in the age group and indeed any age group are often advised to enjoy your own space, be on your own for a while and re-discover yourself. But realistically, when we are single and 40 time is often of the essence. So where to go from here? How do 40 year old singles start dating again, and just as importantly what is the most effective way to find Mr. or Ms right, right now!. Internet dating!

Online dating today is a world away compared to how someone in their 40s would have met their husband or wife 15 years ago. How things have changed in this amount of time. As we get a little older, our sub-conscious asks questions such as “do other people even look at me in that way anymore” The real answer is yes, but given that you have been unavailable for such a long time you will be very insecure in this department.

Learning to date again on the internet, yes the internet, get used to it because its your best bet now your options are limited regarding meeting someone. Clearly the club, pub and lack of single friends scene are not an option for many, but this is certainly not the end of the road for you, in fact there is a maze of singles in their 40s lining up and who are just as eager as you and wanting to chat.

Taking the first steps. There are free dating sites on the net so join up to one. No-one needs to know just yet. Communicating with strangers in chat rooms and starting to develop a friendship with someone with whom you click, will help build your self esteem and soon those little tummy butterflies you haven’t felt for many years could start fluttering again. Once you start feeling confident, just watch yourself start to take control and start to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves on the dating site you have joined.

You will soon learn what an array of online dating sites present themselves to you. There are sites catering specifically for love, sex, gays, fetishes, extramarital affairs, religions and others. An interesting statistic regarding older women using online dating, you are squarely a magnet for younger men. Whether these guys are preying on lonely hearts, or are genuinely seeking older women comes down to individual experiences.

Many single women in their 40s who have become accustomed to using online dating claim to have dated many more men through the internet than when in their 20s. Its a common fact that there are more and more genuine singles joining dating sites, and assessing others through their profiles and chat rooms before dating them in real life presents you with a means of cutting to the chase.

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