Online Dating Cautions

In the new world of the internet it is possible to find the man or woman of your dreams but it is best to follow a few online dating cautions. The internet is a fast and effective means of meeting a lot of people. Many have met, dated, and married as a result of the internet dating sites. Too many have also had bad experiences that could have been avoided by following a few online dating cautions.

The first online dating cautions have to do with telling the truth and making sure that your new friend on the internet is telling the truth about age, physical appearance, occupation, city or country or residence and, especially, marital status. It is easy to fall into the trap of telling a white lie or two in order to find someone interesting, fun to be with, and sexy. If all you are going to do is send and receive emails it can be easy to maintain an illusion that you are another person. However, the point of online dating is to eventually meet the individual in person at which point you will need to explain why you are not who you claimed to be. If you are wondering about the person you just chatted with consider meeting on a video chat. That will resolve a lot of questions about age, appearance, and more. A married person looking for someone outside of his marriage will probably not want to do a video chat at home with his four children running around in the background. If he or she always is at a coffee shop or other anonymous place it should raise suspicions about the truth of what they are saying. Other online dating cautions start with being careful about the truth but also include just how well you get along.

Be careful of anyone who seems to fall in love with you too quickly. People date online to find that special someone and are often cautions. Online dating cautions should always include suspicion about anyone who wants to get married or simply move in together even before the first face to face date. If you get the feeling that the other person is pushing a little too hard consider backing off or simply looking for someone else. Anyone who is trying to hard is often too desperate or running a scam that will end up with you losing your money.

Online dating precautions also have to do with protecting your identity. Here we are talking about getting tons of spam emails or even having someone steal your identity and run up credit card bills or empty your bank account. Wait until you like someone online and then insist on a face to face date. If the person refuses they may working the phones in a foreign country trying to find ways to get a green card, access to your bank account, a free flight to your country, or the money for a flight which they will never take.

The two most important online dating precautions are probably these. Trust your instincts and get out of any online relation that does not feel good. If you are suspicious there are anonymous email addresses through Yahoo and others but before going to such lengths just consider looking for someone else.

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