Online Dating after 40

It can be difficult to date online or face to face after age 40. This is often the case when you are dating after a divorce. Huffington Post talks about online dating after 40 in their article My Cyber Dance Card is Empty, giving many examples of the difficulties involved.

“I’m all for having fun, but the online thing never works for me. One weirdo insisted I send him a selfie on the scale to verify I have curves, not rolls. Another said he was divorced when he wasn’t. One creep’s opening line was, “So…what’s your favorite line in The Hobbit?” I might just buy a Snuggie, a Slurpie punch card, and adopt seven or eight cats,” I said.

“Lemme see your profile,” she insisted.

I thought it was pretty decent. After all, I’m a writer. I sounded smart, creative and kinda funny. But after careful examination, I realized it read more like an ad for a rescue dog: friendly, outgoing, dependable, and loyal. It may have been code for: please take me home, pant, pant… I’m desperate…pant, pant. The only thing missing: great at licking balls.

My friend was adamant, “Men are looking for a sexy, confident woman, not a lonely pup from the pound. Simply bedazzle your profile. Add stuff like: former gymnast, culinary whiz specializing in aphrodisiacs, and financially independent Victoria’s Secret hoarder.”

So, how do you go about online dating after 40 when most of the after forty men are looking for a twenty year old? One viable route is to look for dating sites that cater to online dating after 40 or speed dating events with the same focus.

Speed Dating after 40

Speed dating is meant to let you meet a lot of people in a short period of time.

What is speed dating and is speed dating possible on the internet? Although popular TV shows have portrayed speeding dating as a romantic and alluring process it was first set up to simply allow individuals to meet. Speed dating is only a little over a decade old but formal events that allow people to meet have a long history. Formal dancing, coming out parties, and various cultural functions allow young men and women to meet in neutral, and often chaperoned, settings. The point is to allow both persons an opportunity to meet as many people as possible to see if romance occurs. The rationale behind today’s speed dating is that love at first sight is possible and that long term relationships can evolve from these events.

And if the event has a more mature, after 40, divorced and with kids focus it may preferable to online dating after 40.

Help Is on the Way!

Yes, there are speed dating events and speed dating websites to the rescue for the over 40’s crowd. One example:

Chicago Free Speeddating Meetup Group, Chicago, IL

Meetup topics:

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This one has 1153 members. Just Google speed dating over 40 and improve your chances of success from online dating over 40.

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