New York City Dating Ten Of The Best Ideas

If dating ideas have you stumped, consider a day in New York City. Here you can easily arrange a neutral spot to date someone new, for a blind date, or just to share a mutual interest with your boyfriend. Surely you have something in common. New York City dating sights will allow you to explore these and find new ones.

Start with Central Park if you are feeling really uncertain. This landmark makes a great place to take a bike ride together or arrange for a romantic carriage ride. If your date is not impressed by big spenders, take in a free show followed by a thoughtfully prepared picnic. Should you share a love of animals, take a look at the zoo and let her see your soft side as you coo over the baby animals.

Carnegie Hall has featured some of the most famous musicians from around the world. They have brought guitar, violin, played piano. Orchestras have delighted audiences here for generations. For a sophisticated evening of music and discussion about music, take him to a performance here.

For a different kind of atmosphere, enjoy a show at Jazz Gallery. This not for profit club gives you the chance to see acts before they become famous or hear music too avant-garde for the mainstream. Really explore your love of the art by taking some musical risks that will lead to fun conversations over a drink after the show.

For something more mainstream, head for Broadway. She will be thrilled to see her favorite actor or actress on stage when you carefully choose the play to see together. Just being there is part of the attraction.

Before jazz, comedy, drama or a musical production have a meal together. You can be as extravagant or economical as you like. Thalia serves pre-show meals for visitors headed to the theatre, including a raw bar, desserts, and a selection of brandy and port. This is the kind of place to really enjoy food, not just eat it. Discuss favorite meals, favorite ethnic foods, or even admire a good glass of brandy. Take your time and learn about each other.

From the top of the Rockefeller Center you can hold hands and move in closer. If you have been dating for a while, perhaps choose this location to give a special gift. Maybe start here, then move to the Loft and Garden to look out over Manhattan or gaze into the reflection pool before giving him a surprise gift.

Then again, perhaps you and your date need a bit more time to show learn about each other and show how romantic you are. La Maison du Chocolat will help since chocolate is one of the most romantic foods around. Take a tour and taste some of their luscious fare before choosing some to take back to a wine bar and share over a glass of sparkling wine.

Learn about the city together or share what you already know on a tour. Instead of a Central Park Carriage or bike ride, get out onto the water. See the city from a yacht, ferry or speed boat.

Blow the budget for some high-flying excitement with a helicopter tour. For a ride of fifteen to thirty minutes you can comfort a date who gets a bit nervous about heights by holding her hand or snuggling close. When you get back down to earth, spend some time exchanging your impressions and feelings of exhilaration.

Tiffanys and the streets around it afford opportunities to explore art, architecture and history. Return to childhood with a trip to one of the children’s museums. Continue your pursuit of a dream world with window shopping at Tiffanys. Not every girl likes a guy to spend a lot of money on her, but you can still admire the creations on display there. You may even get a few ideas about your future at the ring section.

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Dating your physically attracted to the person and friends you’re not really. You would have no interest in starting anything with this person if you’re just friends. Try this site

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