Most Dates Awards

A good piece of advice for a young person entering the dating world is to have a lot of dates. Girls should go out with several boys cialis online pharmacy before deciding on getting serious. The same applies to guys. There should be most dates awards or badges, like Boy Scout or Girl Scout badges for having the required number of dates. Everyone fantasizes about having sex on the first date but in the end we all want a happy relationship which should of course include lots of sex. But if you get the most dates awards because you have been going out on dates forever, you have obviously not gotten the memo about advancing to a happy relationship!

The Bull Durham Example

There is a cute movie entitled Bull Durham. Kevin Costner plays the role of a catcher in baseball’s minor leagues. He plays for the Durham Bulls and is approaching the dubious title of having hit the most home runs of any player in minor league history. The distinction is dubious because the point of playing in the Minor Leagues is to get to the show, the Major Leagues! This is the point of our thoughts about our most dates awards. Here are a couple of examples of most dates awards and what to do to avoid being in the running.

Afraid To Pop The Question

You have been going out with a woman for years. The two of you have a great time together. You commonly have sex and you often travel together. She often brings up the question of a more serious and committed relationship and you manage to change the subject or pretend that you do not hear. You are in danger of the dubious most dates awards category but, probably, she will simply leave and seek out someone who want to move on to the next obvious step and start to raise a family.

Just What Are You Doing Wrong?

Maybe you have had lots of dates but not a lot of second and third dates. You have become an expert at posting your personal information on many different online dating sites. But, things never seem to progress. Maybe you need to rethink the process. For example, do not lie about yourself when you post your info as your new friend will find out soon enough and take a hike. And, be realistic. A friend of mine was born and raised in Latin America. She went to graduate school at a Midwestern University in the United States. She is single in her late forties and still dreams of tall, blue eyed Nordic males of the twenty year old variety. If you are a woman looking for a man twenty-five years your junior you need to be where there are lots of these guys and have a real plan of action. Working in the banking districts of Panama, Bogota or Buenos Aires you may be surrounded by men who look like a young Antonio Banderas but not guys who look like a young Brad Pitt. If you want that tall and handsome blond guy go back to your northern university and get a Ph. D. Then seek him out and forgive him for being in his forties just like you are! Otherwise you are in line for one of the most dates awards as you date and discard man after man who does not fit your fantasy.

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