More and Better Sex with Coffee

A traditional is to meet at a coffee shop. But, who would have thought that you can have more and better sex with coffee as well? What about coffee and sex? It turns out that coffee can increase sexual arousal in women and performance in men. Coffee can enhance athletic performance which is great if your sex is of that variety. We are not kidding you. Read on about more and better sex with coffee.

Sexual Arousal, Performance, Endurance

Scientific evidence tells us that coffee can lead to sexual arousal in women. Studies of men and women have shown that women who drink coffee have sex more frequently and men who are coffee drinkers have higher potency. It certainly is true that coffee gives you a mental and physical boost and it turns out that boost can carry over into more energy when making love. And tests of athletes show that in some sports drinking coffee at least half an hour to an hour beforehand improves athletic performance as well. Our contention is that if they had included sexual activities in the contests coffee drinkers would have won out.


More and Better Sex with Coffee

More and Better Sex with Coffee


Sex and Good Health, Mental and Physical

So it turns out that you can have more and better sex with coffee. Who would have thought? But there is more to the story. There are, unfortunately a large number of physical and mental conditions that not only make us sick but interfere with a healthy sex life. One of these is diabetes. Another is depression. Add cancers, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s diseases in the elderly. Surprisingly people who are regular coffee drinkers in the two, three, four cup a day range or higher have significantly lower incidences of the diseases just mentioned. Here are a couple of specifics.

Sex, Coffee and Diabetes

Type II Diabetes affects about 20 million folks in the USA and sexual dysfunction is part of the picture with a lot of these folks. Regular coffee drinkers have a lower incidence of Type II diabetes than folks who do not drink coffee. Six cup a day coffee drinkers have half the usual incidence of the disease. While these folks may have more and better sex with coffee they will likely do even better if regular coffee drinking helps them avoid the disease entirely.

Coffee, Avoidance of Depression and a Healthy Sex Life

Coffee certainly wakes us up in the morning but who would have thought that regular coffee drinkers have a lower incidence of depression? It is all too often the case that when we have problems with sexual interest and performance it is all too often in our heads. An old observation is that our primary sexual organ is our brain! So, while you and your loved one are working on a happy relationship and satisfying love life and dealing with depressive issues do not forget that cup of coffee, or two or three!


More and Better Sex with Coffee

More and Better Sex with Coffee


Healthy Life and Healthy Sex

Staying healthy is a key factor in having a healthy sex life. The main point of our little dissertation is that staying healthy is better for you, better for relationships and frankly better for your sex life. So get some exercise, eat healthy, go the doctor for checkups when you are supposed to and drink a cup of coffee or two or three for more and better sex.

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