Marry a Prince

A common dream of a young woman is to marry a prince. Now the world is waiting to watch a royal wedding. Prince William, second heir in line to the throne of England, and Catherine Middleton will exchange vows at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29. This ancient church is the site of the wedding of William’s father to the late Diana Spencer and also the site of the funeral of the “people’s princess.” Many young women will be watching the ceremony and perhaps wondering if they have a change to marry a prince.

First of all do you really want to marry a prince? Many believe that Diana Spencer would have lived a perfectly happy life without ever being the Princess of Wales and wife to the heir to the throne of England. On the other hand being a princess could be very exciting. You get to dress up every day and there is a lot of attention. When you marry a prince you and he are constantly in the spotlight and people are always attending to your every need.

Figuratively every woman wants to marry a prince, her prince. A handsome man, an attentive friend and lover, a good provider can be an excellent substitute for the Prince of Wales or any other “royal.” When you marry a prince of your own choosing and not one of “royal blood” you may have in-law problems like Diana did but you mother-in-law will not be the Queen of England. That could make it easier to shut the door, not answer the phone and pretend not to be home when she comes up the walk.

If you would like to marry a prince and no one close by comes to mind consider an Internet dating site. Something like “pretty, willing, and wants to marry a prince” might just do it.

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