Male Depilation: The Art Of Body Shaving

Do you remember the guy from high school with the really hairy back? Had a nickname like “Werewolf” or “yeti” and didn’t learn about male depilation at an early age. Maybe he was ridiculed by the other guys in the locker room and took to a life of seclusion and didn’t bother.

Now that you are and adult and your body produces more testosterone than when you used to try to sneak into adult movies, the topic of body hair is not a joke. Shave or not – and where – it’s a personal decision. But the clean look is definitely more successful among younger adults.

“Shaving is something that comes and goes with changes in fashion”, says Danielle Malka, CEO of êShave, a marketer of shaving products. “Look at magazine ads today and you’ll see that men have perfect skin and only hair you see is on their head.”

Perfect body shaving with cuts or causing requires an approach different from shaving the face. Here Malka provides a few tips on how eliminate all body hair until you reach the groin were it times it is difficult to see the lion lying in the brush.

If you choose to ignore this information do so at your own risk, little wolf.

General Advice

Always shave after you shower so the skin and hair are soft, but first cut long hair with a scissors. Always apply shaving lotion or cream afterwards to avoid irritation.


First cut long hair. Then remember the gold rule of shaving. Don’t press the razor against the skin. Avoid cuts and ingrown hairs by sliding a razor gently across the skin. When you are finished avoid deodorants that contain alcohol as they irritate the recently shaved skin.


“When women shave their legs they shave against the direction of hair growth. This works on the legs because the skin is more resilient,” Malka says, “but in every other area of the body shave in the direction of hair growth. Shave downward on the chest except around the nipples. Here follow the direct of the hairs and avoid cutting the darker skin. A man without nipples will attract attention at the beach and you don’t want that man to be you.


“Someone else must shave your back.” “Even if you are very flexible, it is a difficult task to do alone”, says Malka. Other than that, it is not very difficult. Just follow the tips above (shaving in the direction of hair growth, letting the razor slide and not apply pressure, etc.). I only give a small piece of advice: don’t ask a girl to shave your back on the first date.


“The skin of the groin is smoother than that of the face and neck, but hair is thicker, so take special care,” says Malka. Once again, first cut the long hairs. Then stretch the skin as you shave, using a very light touch and shaving small areas one at a time. This is especially important when shaving the testicles as it is possible to cut a vein in this sensitive area. When you’ve finished, use a moisturizing cream to avoid irritation and the need for unseemly scratching throughout the day.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Good article Juan. I usually shave in the shower. Warm water makes it easier on the skin, especially the family jewels. After I use 100% Aloe Vera to moisturize.

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