Makeup for the First Date

On a first date we always want to make a good impression. We want to dress appropriately whether we just want to meet someone or are longing for a hot first date. Something we have not mentioned is makeup for the first date. Hollywood Life published a useful article about Makeup & Dating Advice.

“Avoid overly made up makeup – “cake face” – men will run for the hills. Men like the fresh faced girl next door as opposed to the over done camera-ready divas. Also, blue eye shadow? Can you say 1965? And overly bushy eyebrows don’t get the guy. Wax, wax, wax!”

And in true Patti form, she didn’t censor her tips!

“Never ever go out of the house without a perfectly “Completely Bare” cooch, because you never know when you’re going to get lucky. Just make sure you get monogamy first. Freshly manicured nails, moisturizer, a great lip gloss that gives the perfect pout, eye drops to brighten the eyes, a hint of bronzing powder and mascara and every man will swoon over you!”

This advice comes from Hollywood matchmaker Patti Stanger. We would agree that not overdoing it is a good idea and never thought about eye drops! She goes on to mention perfume as well.

More First Date Tips

There is more to do than think about makeup for the first date. Mirror provides more first date tips. Their first suggestions are our favorites.

Set your expectations too high and you’re going to be really disappointed if Bradley Cooper / Jennifer Aniston don’t rock up! Keep your expectations in check and be realistic.

Putting into perspective what a first date is can help reduce anxiety, stress and the temptation to back out last minute!

A first date is about:

  • Investing your time and emotions to fully be present on the date
  • Getting to know about your date’s life, what they enjoy doing and what makes them tick
  • Listening to them and contributing to the conversation
  • Seeing whether you can laugh together, make one another smile and whether you feel excited to see them again

The reason that our friends can give us better dating advice than we give ourselves is because they can maintain a sense of perspective while we get all sweaty and anxious. Makeup for the first date should be applied with the same thought in mind. Don’t spend hours on makeup and find that you hate the guy on first sight!

And What Not to Do

The Cheat Sheet talks about what you should not do on a first date.

  • Whatever you do, don’t be late.
  • The first date is not an appropriate time to talk incessantly about past loves.
  • If there was ever a time to focus, it’s now. The first date is when you’ll learn a lot of new things about your partner. Take the time to really listen to what he or she is saying.
  • Pay attention to how you look. If you show up looking a mess, it shows that you don’t take pride in how you look and don’t really care about the outcome of your meeting.
  • Keep the conversation fun and light. If you reveal your entire life story from childhood until now, you’ll not only bore your date but also make yourself less of a challenge.
  • Don’t get into explicit detail about what you like in bed and how you want the job done. Leave something to the imagination.

The how you look part fits nicely with makeup on the first date. But no matter how well you apply makeup and dress for a first date you can mess it up unless you put things in perspective and use a little common sense.

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