Make Yourself Desirable for Dating

The point of how we dress and act when dating is often to produce sexual desire in the other person. Do you want to make yourself desirable for dating? The dictionary defines desirable as worth having or seeking, advantageous, pleasing, or useful. It also defines desirable as arousing sexual desire. Just how do you want to present yourself when dating? Do you want to dress provocatively in order to raise sexual desire in your dating partner? Do you want to present yourself as a competent, resourceful, and altogether enjoyable person as well? Be careful when you seek to make yourself desirable for dating that you keep in mind whether you are looking for a romantic and sexual encounter or a person with whom  to spend your life. When you make yourself desirable for dating, sexual attraction and other factors are not mutually exclusive. We usually look for more than one thing in the person whom we are dating. Just be clear with you dating partner why the two of you are going out together.

Hot First Date

You are a girl and you are going out on a date with a man whom you find very attractive. You are interested in romance and sex. Your choice of garments may well include a low necked blouse, buttons that are not fastened, and no bra. Your choice of what to wear may include a very short skirt and, if you are very aggressive, no panties. If you choose this route to make yourself desirable for dating be sure to bring the condoms and don’t be surprised if he suggests an early move to your bed or his. You are sure to get his attention and will learn a lot about his anatomy but not necessarily much about who he really is. If all you want is hot sex it does not matter. If what you want is someone to fill your bed for the rest of your life it might.

Too Cold and Too Many Questions

The opposite approach to that outlined above is to dress very conservatively and plan a conversation that avoids sexually explicit themes. It is certainly possible to have a great time on a date with someone and not end up in bed together. If you are fun to be with and like to do the things that he likes to do you may well go out together again and again. It is certainly possible to make yourself desirable for dating by finding out what your boyfriend likes, doing enjoyable things together, and becoming good friends. Then, the question still comes up. What about sex? The reason that most of us go out dating is that we want to be with someone who fulfills a variety of needs in our life. Too cold, to interesting without warmth and romance, can be a recipe for lifelong friendship but not sex and marriage.

Balancing Things to Make Yourself Desirable for Dating

Remember that just because you did not start out with that sexy blouse minus bra, it does not mean that you never need to wear it for him. And remember that if you did start out your relationship with hot and steamy sex it does not mean that the two of you cannot talk and establish a broader relationship. If you like each other all things are possible.

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