Make a good impression. Singles and dating tips

Setting up a date can often cause your emotions to run wild. There’s the anticipation and anxiety of breaking the ice and taking the first step in asking them out. Some first dates can be easier to set up than a one on one situation. For instance its alot easier to approach someone your keen on if your amongst a group of friends and there is no nervous anticipation involved and things can develop spontaneously.

So if you have the chance of approaching your new friend to ask out, its always easier in a relaxed non threatening environment rather than sitting at home with the phone clutched to your chest trying to muster the courage to call. Online dating is a good alternative for singles who are shy and have trouble making the big step of asking someone out. Online dating sites allow singles to make contact without the face to face anticipation, rather by way of emails, instant messenger, chat rooms and web chat. Real life dating can be arranged once you establish an online friendship and you both feel comfortable.

After your accomplishment of setting up a date, the last thing you want to happen is to see the date turn sour after the first few minutes. Prepare for the big event, make it a special and thoughtful date and you will be appreciated for it, increasing your chances of a second and third date. Interaction is a great way to spend time with your date. Think of something fun like ten pin bowling, or putt putt golf.

Set the scene: A beach picnic or river cruise will set the scene for love to blossom.

Conversation: Be certain to have some pre-planned conversation up your sleeve for those moments of un-comfortable silence.

Dress to impress: Recent studies published in a leading women’s magazine suggests that 65% of singles will make up their mind about their date based on their first impression. So to increase your chances of impressing, dress to impress and pull out your finest perfume or after shave and freshen your breathe.

Remember if they have agreed to go out with you they are obviously looking to find someone special too. So spend alittle time planning your date and give yourself the best possible chance of achieving happiness.

What are some free online dating sites? Sites that are 100 percent free, does not even cost a penny?

Does anyone know of any good Online Dating sites that are literally 100 percent free, like you can send messages and read messages for free, you don’t have to use a Credit Card, I mean seriously, free, not even a penny. Like what are the Online Dating sites that have a good reputation and have a lost of users on it, and they are totally free, period.

Yeah there are a few, like mingles that are free, with no paid membership. It’s only one type of membership for everybody which is a free membership. So you get all the features, like message, chat, etc… for free. You can read a full review of the site and its features before you join here

Hope it’s what you’re looking for. Good luck, have fun and be safe.

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