Love On The Bus To Costa Rica

Who would have thought to see love on the bus to Costa Rica but when you put the right persons in close proximity chemistry takes over, such as when I witnessed the beginning of love on the bus to Costa Rica. My husband and I took the bus from Panama City, Panama to San Jose Costa Rica to see my uncle. He is Colombian and an engineer by training and works in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, the Meseta Central. Along the way I watched the bloom of love on the bus to Costa Rica. TicaBus has “non-stop” route that leaves the capital city of Panama two minutes before midnight, stops in the town of Santiago for a late supper, at the frontier at Paso Canoas for up to three hours for immigration issues, a roadside diner on the Costa Rican Pacific coast for lunch and arrives in the Costa Rican capital around 4 pm the next day. With the wait at the terminal at Albrook in Panama, two stops for meals, and a set of long waits in line for immigration for both Panama and Costa Rica my husband and I had the opportunity to see a young man and women meet each other, visit at each stop, and exchange phone numbers before leaving the terminal in San Jose.

Meeting The Love Of Your Life By Chance

Over a year ago we posted a true story and asked the question, “Does love at first sight last?” An American tourist visits Panama. He takes shelter from a tropical downpour in a restaurant on the old Spanish way, Via España. He returns three times before asking the pretty blond waitress for a date, ends up marrying the waitress, and lives happily ever after in Panama City, Panama. So, as my husband and I watched the awakening of love on the bus to Costa Rica we wondered if the young couple was reenacting our story. As we wrote before,

“In my and my wife’s case love at first sight lasted because we have kept in mind that we like being together. In fact we love being together and we love each other. We say what we think and generally manage not to hold grudges. When life falls into a rut we find something different to do, not fancy, not expensive, just different. We share our thoughts and dreams and we work together to make those dreams become reality. So does love at first sight last? It does if you remember that what matters most in life is the two of you.”

And besides, if things work out with the couple who fell in love on the bus to Costa Rica they can always take a cheap bus trip back to Panama City where it all began, visit the malls, walk along the Cinta Costera sea wall, visit the old city (Casco Viejo), or they can simply take a stroll along Paseo Colon down to the Plaza de Cultura and visit one of the museums or feed the pigeons that populate the open spaces above.

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