Love and Romance at Work

Love and romance at work are different from other romantic situations. Making love to someone whom you are dating does not necessarily lead to long term commitments or problems. This is often not the case with love and romance help me write an essay at work. There are two factors regarding love and romance at work that can turn a pleasant love affair into a nightmare. The first is that when you break up with your workplace boyfriend or girlfriend you often end up still working together. The second problem is that you may end up taking orders from or giving orders to your ex-lover. This later dilemma often results in the dreaded intervention of the Human Resources Department (HR). Now you have a referee overseeing the dregs of your relationship. Maybe one of you wanted the relationship to continue and the other wanted to call it off. If this is the case the party that wants to be left alone may choose to bring in big sister HR on their side to enforce the separation. This can result in you leaving a good job because staying just becomes too uncomfortable or it may result in your being terminated.

When Being Screwed in Bed Leads to Being Screwed on the Job

To put it bluntly, love and romance at work can lead to a situation in which being screwed in bed leads to being screwed on the job. Many women have learned the hard way to avoid love and romance at work. Let the boss in your pants and he figures that he owns you both in and out of the workplace. Many a man has also learned to his dismay that a fetching female employee who lets him into her bed is only looking for a promotion and will dump him and then make up reasons to complain to human resources in order to gain advantage at work. This is the other side of when love and romance at work leads to a nightmare at work.

Time and Distance Heal All Things, Unless You Cannot Get Away

Time heals many of life’s problems and heartaches. Normally when we break up with someone there is a period of sadness and reflection and then we move on. This can be virtually impossible when the person you used to make passionate love to is in the next work cubicle flirting with the boss, male or female. All too many times we break up with someone after they start being bossy, manipulative, or possessive. Engage in love and romance at work with this person and when you break up he or she will seek dominate you at work because they cannot dominate in your love life. That person may find sneaky ways to make you suffer and, if they are the boss, may seek to retake possession you by making you work side by side even though you have come to detest them.

Making Love and Romance at Work, Work Out

The point of making love and being with someone is that it is supposed to be fun and result in a happy life. Sometimes, especially for busy people, the best choice of a soul mate is a person we work with. If that happens, you need to approach that person to see if they are interested in you and then the two of you need to decide upon a fair way to separate your work lives and personal lives, enjoy life together, succeed at work, and avoid the pitfalls of love and romance at work.

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