Long Distance Dating

With the internet bringing people from all over the world closer together, it has become easier and easier to meet compatible people even if they live on the other side of the planet.

It is increasingly common to find that special person in a chat room, only to realize that they live a few miles away from you. This can sometimes turn out to be an advantage given how fast-paced life has become:  it is much more comfortable to sit down and talk with the love of your life from home, rather than go into the city or find a window in your diary to meet them.

Still, many people fear long-distance relationships because they think that a relationship without frequent physical contact can grow cold faster than normal relationships; others think that jealousy will eventually kill the relationship because they cannot always be there for their partner, while many others think it is a waste of time and not worth getting excited about long-distance love.

However, long-distance relationships are not very different from physical ones: there is anger, upset, and good times, and although technology exists allowing us at any time to know how our partner is and what he/she is up to, it is difficult to maintain a relationship with someone you do not see very often.

It is true that time and distance can make people grow apart, there is no doubt about that. Even when you physically see a person, a relationship can become boring and predictable. That is why, in the case of long-distance relationships, it is important to agree on a common goal to eventually end the physical separation; otherwise, a long-distance relationship can stagnate, drifting without a fixed future.

Another important point to note is that communication is the foundation of any relationship, whether virtual or physical. Fortunately, long-distance relationships enjoy the same capacity for frequent communication because of existing technology, so there is no excuse not to feel confident that you will be able to tell your partner how you feel and how much you love them.

A long-distance relationship can be kept alive and kicking, if the couple visit each other regularly. Computers can offer excellent quality video chats and telephones instantaneous communication, but there are no applications to recreate the ambience and emotions that are evoked when a couple is together. A visit can help the couple to realize that they still care about each other and that love can triumph over distance.

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