Let Your Style Reflect Your Mood

When you wake up with a smile and want everyone else to feel good too let you style reflect you mood. After all there is nothing like a great outfit and a bit of confidence to show how good you feel.

Johanna Laracuente, who does hair for celebrities like Eva Méndez, Paulina Rubio, Roselyn Sánchez and Barbara Bermudo gives us great ideas about how to feel wonderful according to our mood and the occasion.

Your Mood: Self Confident, Sexy, Elegant

Event: First Date


High heels, ideally with straps, are elegant and help show off both your confidence and your sensuality.

Nothing will make you look more feminine than a stunning dress. If you have good legs, show off with short dresses but too short or you lose the sense of elegance. Silk, smooth or draped can accent your best attributes.

Don’t use too many accessories. Simple jewelry and a hand bag works just fine. It is you who you want to shine, not your accessories.

Your Mood: Relaxed, Carefree, Comfortable

Event: Anything Informal Including Lunch With Friends Or Shopping


Colorful garments are currently fashionable, especially with a light fabric tube dress. Rompers (overalls with short sleeves and pants) are fashionable too, especially in light and bright colors like green or purple.

Don’t wear slippers. Find a pair of Roman sandals. Tennis shoes or running shoes give you a relaxed look but they never look “fabulous.” The right handbag for this look is a fabric of practical leather bag, something you can carry all day and still look attractive

Your Mood: Fun And Seeking Attention

Event: A Night Out With Your Friends


Wear a comfortable two piece outfit. Dark, tailored jeans combined with a metallic, sequined blouse give you an upbeat, flirty, and fashionable look.

High heeled sandals give you a sexy look. Find a comfortable pair to look good but avoid salsa dancing.

Whites, reds and yellows look great over tanned skin. Wear bright colors like these and the whole world will know that you feel good about yourself.

Here is where you want to accessorize. Don’t be afraid to use an antique necklace and matching ring, for example. Fancy works here for a handbag. And use a little lotion or cream on exposed skin to give you a bright appearance.

Your Mood: Stunning, Romantic, Feminine

Event: Wedding or Party


Formal does not necessarily mean black. Skip the dark colors and aim for various colors and patterns. A long chiffon dress with a high opening along one leg will be the talk of the party.

Feel better about yourself and even improve your great mood with underwear that highlights the shape of your body. It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or 20. A smooth silhouette always looks better.

As for accessories, try sandals with costume jewelry or a metallic look. Combine this with a bright necklace and other simpler accessories. A hair comb, even with a feather, is striking. Rings work here too, the brighter and more striking the better.

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