Learn To Laugh At Yourself In A Relationship

All of us have things that we are unsure of. Everyone has insecurities. All of us have times when we judge ourselves too harshly. Dealing with mistakes can be difficult in a single life and harder when dating unless you learn to laugh at yourself in a relationship. Life generally is easier and more fun if we do not take ourselves too seriously. All too often a nagging and critical voice from our childhood follows us into adult life. The best thing to do when you think that you made a mistake is to remember that you are an adult and not a powerless child. When the mistake is not life threatening and occurs when you are dating learn to laugh at yourself in a relationship. This will help prevent the fights and lingering anger that can evolve from the normal mistakes and events that we live with every day. And it will make it easier to focus on the relationship instead of your self doubt.

Perfect Is Impossible: Live With It

Low self-esteem does not come from incompetence. It comes from being overly judgmental. When you call your partner stupid it rarely has to do with mistakes on their part and commonly has to do with low self-esteem on yours. Learn to laugh at yourself and you can avoid injecting poison into the relationship. A basic fact of life is that no one is perfect. “Put your finger into a glass of water,” said the sage. Then remove it. “If the hole remains where your finger was you are indeed perfect.” Learn to laugh at your mistakes in a relationship and realize that always knowing what your partner wants is like taking your finger out of the water and having the hole remain.

Doing Dumb Things Does Not Make You Dumb

You really like the person whom you have just met. You are just getting to know him or her. Then you do something really dumb like calling them by the name of your last friend. Here is where you need to learn to laugh at yourself in a relationship. We all make mistakes but that does not mean that we are stupid, or bad, or ignorant. If you constantly live with self-criticism that evolved from criticism in your childhood learn to laugh at that too. Learn to laugh at yourself in a relationship and that constant nagging voice from way back when will evaporate into thin air.

Do Not Fall For Constant Criticism By Your New Friend

If your new friend is constantly critical find someone else. None of us looks perfect and none of us is perfect. And all of us need a little break from time to time. If the person you just met is constantly criticizing your looks, actions, friends, job, or plans look elsewhere. They have a perfect right to be with the person that they want. They do not have any right to try to remake you into their vision of the perfect friend, lover, or spouse. If they don’t like what you are and how you do things they need to move on. Here is also where you need to learn to laugh at yourself in a relationship and laugh at them too. If your all-too-critical friend cannot take it find someone who is not so much work to be with. Even a hot first date and constant sex thereafter are not worth the pain of constant criticism.

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