Lame Dating Advice

A well-known dating advice site recent posted suggestions for men who want a hot first date, sex on the first date, and a continuing sexy relationship. Unfortunately what they offered is really lame dating advice. It was in fact such lame dating advice that if the guy followed this advice he would likely not get a date at all and end up living a life of unfulfilled sexual fantasy. The lame dating advice we refer to was essentially a series of over the top pickup lines. If that is your idea of how to get the girl think again guys. There is a rhythm and a sense of purpose to finding a girl, getting to know the girl, dating the girl, and developing a relationship with the girl such that both of you want more intimacy. For a few thoughts about lame dating advice and alternatively good dating advice, read on.

The Wrong Way to Start

Some pickup lines are useful in getting a man or woman’s attention and some can result in getting a date. Some pickup lines simply label you as a bore or fool. The lame dating advice we refer to is just a series of dumb and suggestive comments which are virtually guaranteed to leave you alone at the bar with your drinks until closing. Here a couple of examples of lame dating advice of the pickup line variety: nice boobs, babe, love how your dress shows off your butt, love the bulge in your pants, mister, or how about leaving him (or her) and spending the night with a real woman (or man). You will get the person’s attention but this is typically not how to find your way into their bed much less into their life.

How Not to Maintain a Relationship

The sad fact is that some men maintain the sleazy pickup line approach even when they manage to find someone and have a series of dates. Oftentimes the woman makes the first move in these cases and neglects to listen to the dumb things that the guy says or ignores the dumb things that he does. We have previously written about how this is a big mistake for the girl as she really does not want to take on a lifetime rehab project. For the guy this is a great opportunity that is too often messed up. The point that too many guys miss is the woman wants attention, flattery, and some substance in the person she is dating. A handsome face and strong physique works for starters but if that is all you have to bring to the relationship you will probably lose her in the end. This does not mean that you need to give up. But it typically means that you need to grow up! Visualize your life a year, five years, and twenty years from now. Think of how you and your wife and children will be and what you will do and how the relationship will work. Then start acting like that person in your visualization. That is good and not lame dating advice. After all the point of dating is not a hot first date or sex on the first date. It is hot sex, every day and every night, with the person of your dreams, for the rest of your life. That goal, my friend is worth the effort.

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