Kissing Tips

Learning to kiss is one of the few things that are not taught in school. Many people are proud to say that they had their first kiss at an early age to show their expertise in the art of using lips to express affection. They say that you always remember your first kiss, but the reality is that for many people it was not the most pleasant experience and others simply do not remember it.

A kiss is a great way to show affection through physical contact with a person we love or like. A kiss is an intimate and decisive moment and can be the beginning of deeper passion and arouse various feelings in two people. However, we should not make the mistake of  worrying excessively about the kiss or trying to inject a lot of emotion into it because it can result in an embarrassing situation.

Novels, stories, movies, songs … Kisses feature in all the greatest stories because of the emotions they represent, but no one has bothered to talk about how to kiss well. From the limited information available, we can form the following tips to become someone gifted in the art of kissing and the kissing techniques.

Breathe deeply and relax. If you think the other person will be judging you by how you kiss, it is likely that that person will be disappointed because you already believe that you are going to do it badly. They will already have made up their mind that you are doing it all wrong. It is important to be relaxed as your partner will be able to feel that you are tense, if you become nervous: no one likes to kiss lips that are tight and tense; it is like kissing a wall.

Try to communicate with your partner through your lips: they are very sensitive organs with very soft tissue and nerve endings that are able to feel the slightest sensation. Picture the two bodies as being joined by the lips, and from there, try to establish a passionate fusion.

Both partners must agree on pace when kissing and making out; whether slow and gentle or fast and sexy, the two should move at a similar pace; otherwise, there can be involuntary bites, exchanges of saliva or unwanted French-kissing.

Do not forget that kissing games are one of many ways of expressing love: you can help with caresses and gestures to show your partner what you like or not, or if you want to change the pace of kissing or try something more passionate.

It’s not a good idea to rush or hurry. The important thing is to enjoy the moment. People who kiss quickly communicate and show little interest or desire for their partner. A kiss should not be a chore, an impatient kiss is not pleasant as it has no feelings and a pressured kiss can cause an uncomfortable situation.

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