Kiss Twenty Boys

If you want the man of your dreams and a relationship that lasts, kiss twenty boys before you do anything more serious on a date or in a relationship. This is not about playing around or cheating on your current boyfriend. It is about giving yourself a chance to understand yourself, boys, and relationships instead of committing to a relationship that might just fail or leave you with a lifetime of regrets. Dating is supposed to be fun. Is the first boy who asks you out for the evening the absolutely best one for you? Is the first boy whom you kiss the one who will be fun to be with over the years and a good father to your children?

With our kiss twenty boys suggestion in mind here is a list of things that a girl ought to do before getting too serious about any guy in her life.

  1. Kiss Twenty Boys: We all want to love and be loved. Do not fall into the trap of believing that you are not fun, interesting, and attractive. If you do, you will probably fall for the first guy who pays attention to you. Take your time. There are more men in the world. Go out with more boys and make a few mental comparisons. Then set your sights on the one which you like the best.
  2. Watch Twenty Moms And Dads: There is an old saying that the acorn does not fall far from the tree. If you are wondering about what the future will be like with the boy you are with, observe his parents. Then observe the parents of the next boy, and the next. Happy people usually come from happy families. The same applies to hardworking people, honest people, and caring people.
  3. Take Twenty Trips: Take a look at the world. Maybe you do not need to take twenty trips to Europe but visiting a nearby town or a neighborhood other than your own helps you gain a little perspective. Besides, you want to kiss twenty boys you might just find one of them on one of your trips. Travel lends perspective to life and perspective helps us make sense of life in general.
  4. Try Twenty Different Events, trips, Meals, or Conversations With Your Boyfriend: It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut in life. Start fighting this tendency early by finding interesting things to do. They do not need to be expensive things. A walk in the park, a stroll along the beach, or just a chat with friends helps brighten life. It also lets us see how our current boyfriend, or girlfriend, acts in different circumstances. This can be really useful after you kiss twenty boys and need to decide who you want to have a serious relationship with.

OK. Maybe you do not have to kiss twenty boys but most folks will agree that it should be more than one. The point is to experience a bit of life before settling down to married life and raising a family. The memories of your youth will always be with you. Taking time to make the right choices at the beginning will pay dividends all of your life.

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