Just Hanging Out Together

A recent photo on the news or two beautiful people included the statement by the man that he and the lady are just hanging out together. The couple – are they really a couple if they are just handing out together? The two of them are only in the news because they are Brian Loche the Olympic champion swimmer and Olivia Culpo, the current Miss Am

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erica who hails from Rhode Island. Hopefully they will have better luck just hanging out that did Prince William and his wife Kate. For those who have been hiding far from the news we have to mention that one more royal has been photographed at least partially nude. Kate was apparently going around topless on a holiday retreat with William in Southern France. Nevertheless, back to our thoughts about couples or just people just hanging out together –

It Really Is OK Just To Be Friends

If we go with the premise that better friends make better lovers and better friends and lovers make better partners in a long term relationship, then just hanging out together is a great idea for starters. Certainly, if a pair don’t hit if off there is less emotional trauma to deal with after just hanging out together than after a steamy romance that ends up on the rocks. Unfortunately for the rich and/or famous anyone who is just hanging out together gets tagged as in a romance as happened with Brian and Oliva. People Magazine has already pronounced that Brian is “smitten” with Olivia. And if that is that case it is OK. After all it might be very hard to avoid being smitten with Miss America provided that her beauty is more than skin deep.

Not A Bad Way To Start A Serious Relationship

All too often our pheromones pull us into relationships. Those little but powerful chemicals tell us subliminally that “this” is the person for us. If the attraction goes both ways it can lead to a hot first date followed by a very satisfying sexual relationship. But, what if everything else about the person irritates you? Just hanging out together is not a bad way to start a relationship because you get a chance to sort through the minor annoyances that can add up over time and kill a developing relationship. We often make the point on these pages that going out together should be fun. It can be exciting and erotic as well but over the long term people need to like each other and like being with each other in order for a relationship to flourish. Start by just hanging out and when that is enjoyable the rest will likely be easier.

What To Look For

If you are just hanging out together the job of deciding what to look for on a first date for a potential spouse becomes easier. The pressure is off. If you like each other you have answered the most important question. If you don’t you have also answered the question and can move on without undue fuss and bother.

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